141 BEST Romantic Date Ideas in St Louis (Selected)

Olivia M Williams May 11, 2023
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St Louis

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Are you in search of ideas for an unforgettable romantic date in St. Louis?

Look no further!

I've compiled a list of the 141 best romantic date ideas to help make your special night one to remember.

From classic dates like dinner and a movie, to more adventurous outings such as hot air balloon rides, there's something for everyone on this list.

Whether you're looking for something intimate or exciting, my collection will provide the perfect solution and take the stress out of planning your next date night.

With these great options, you'll never again have to worry about what to do for a romantic evening in St Louis!

1. Take a romantic stroll through Citygarden

Enjoy the beauty and tranquility at Citygarden, located in downtown St. Louis. This garden features beautifully landscaped grounds and winding pathways lined with modern art sculptures perfect for taking romantic strolls together or having meaningful conversations under one of its many covered pavilions scattered throughout the park’s premises.

2. Dine out on The Hill

Experience an Italian dining experience unlike any other at The Hill, known to be one of the best-known neighborhoods in all of St. Louis boasting some excellent family-run restaurants serving up delicious fare from fresh ingredients sourced locally whenever possible accompanied by a selection of classic wines and spirits guaranteed to make your romantic night even more special!

3. Enjoy outdoor movies during Cinema In The Park series

If you’d prefer something more low key than dinner but still want to spend time outdoors enjoying each other's company then why not enjoy free outdoor movie screenings as part of their Cinema In The Park series? This event takes place at Forest Park, the largest park in St. Louis with over 1300 acres of lush greenery and is perfect for romantic walks or picnics. Bring along a blanket, snacks and beverages to make it even more enjoyable!

4. Take romantic boat trips on the Mississippi River

Enjoy romantic views of the city skyline while taking a romantic riverboat cruise aboard the Gateway Arch Riverboats. Here you can enjoy delicious snacks and drinks while dancing to jazz or other music played by an onboard band or DJ, making it one of St. Louis’s most romantic date night destinations!

5. Discover art at City Museum

Visit City Museum for a truly unique experience where you can explore its winding tunnels, slides, and many interactive exhibits that are sure to keep your creative juices flowing as well as provide plenty of topics for conversation throughout your romantic evening out together!

6. Go ice-skating in Forest Park

Spend quality time with each other skating around hand-in-hand beneath the stars at Steinberg Skating Rink located inside Forest Park which is perfect during winter months providing both romance and adventure during one outing!

7. Visit The Butterfly House

Enter into a world enchanted by nature with hundreds of exotic butterflies fluttering all around you as part of The Butterfly House’s immersive tropical butterfly conservatory which adds color, beauty, and wonderment to any romantic night out together!

8. Experience a romantic dinner at Balaban’s

For an intimate and romantic evening out, you can’t go wrong with Balaban's - one of the city's most renowned fine-dining establishments. Here you'll find exquisite meals punctuated by unforgettable ambiance accompanied by live music that will make your date night even more special!

9. Take in a show at The Muny

Enjoy some old-fashioned entertainment while taking in a performance at The Muny – America’s oldest and largest outdoor musical theater which has been providing St. Louisans with world-class shows since 1917!

10. Wine & dine at Vino Nobile Wine Bar & Bistro

Experience the romance of Italy right in the heart of St. Louis with a memorable evening out at Vino Nobile Wine Bar & Bistro- the perfect spot for couples looking to enjoy delicious food, wonderful wines, and an intimate setting all within the same location!

11. Visit Forest Park

Explore one of the largest urban parks in America with romantic views, romantic walks, romantic picnics and romantic bike rides.

12. Take a romantic stroll through Laumeier Sculpture Park

Enjoy romantic sunsets while walking hand-in-hand through this beautiful outdoor sculpture gallery that features works by local, national and international artists.

13. Grab dinner at Brasserie or The Melting Pot

Enjoy delicious French cuisine accompanied by fine wines at Brasserie or experience the art of fondue dining at The Melting Pot making them both perfect choices for a romantic dinner date night out together!

14. Catch some music and drinks at Jazz St Louis

Experience some smooth jazz tunes as part of their live music performances which makes for an incredibly cool yet incredibly romantic evening spent together listening to great music!

15. Have breakfast in bed from Knead Bakehouse & Provisions

Start your morning off right with this unique delivery service where you can enjoy fresh pastries delivered straight to your door making it the perfect way to share an intimate breakfast in bed with each other on special occasions!

16. Take a romantic stroll through Lafayette Park.

This historic park is situated just off the Mississippi River, and provides a stunning backdrop for an evening walk. Make sure to pause in front of the beautiful white gazebo, that is framed by lush greenery and picturesque views of the river.

17. Go kayaking on the Missouri River.

Spend some time in nature, as you paddle away and take in all the beauty of your surroundings - it can be truly magical! For even more romance, consider doing a sunset kayak tour – the perfect way to end the day with your special someone.

18. Watch a live show at The Fabulous Fox Theatre.

Catch one of their many shows each month; ranging from classic plays to modern musicals! Whether you’re laughing or crying in unison, it’s sure to be a night full of star-crossed magic and then some!

19. Visit City Museum

it’ll be like no other date you’ve ever had. Home to curiosities from around the world and local art installations, this museum is definitely unique! Explore underground caves together, slide down slanted skyscrapers into ball pits, or simply explore its many whimsical pathways - there's something for everyone here!

20. Get creative at Paint + Pottery Studios

whether you want to recreate famous works of art or create your own masterpiece together, this date idea allows you full expression while spending quality time with each other. Plus they have amazing food options so you won't miss out on dinner either!

21. Enjoy a romantic picnic at Tower Grove Park.

This beautiful park features more than 200 species of trees, various walking trails and gardens, plus a variety of wildlife to watch together. Set up your blanket in one of the secluded spots and enjoy your picnic with the perfect view!

22. Spend an evening on Brewery Hop Tour.

With St. Louis boasting an array of craft breweries, this date option is sure to make for a fun evening out! Taste test an array of beers, explore each brewery and learn about how they craft their beloved brews – it’s the perfect way to get closer to your partner, while still having some epic drinks!

23. Go on a foodie tour around The Hill

this Italian neighborhood is home to some amazing eateries, so set aside an evening for you two to sample all the yummy treats here! From traditional dishes like homemade pasta and pizza to modern delights like Gelato and specialty coffee – there's something for every type of foodie out there!

24. Catch a game at Busch Stadium

if your partner is into sports then this is definitely the date idea for you! Root for the Cardinals with other passionate fans (you can even pick up team merchandise while you’re at it), while enjoying some delicious snacks - the perfect combination for an incredible evening out!

25. Cruise down the Mississippi River

rent a boat or four-person pedalo and make your way along the historic river. Enjoy some music and soak up all the breathtaking views of St. Louis while you relish in each other’s company – it’ll be an unforgettable night!

26. Attend Ballet at the Fabulous Fox Theatre

take in a romantic show filled with elegance and beauty - it'll be like no other date you've been on before! From world renowned performances to modern interpretations of classic works, there's something for everyone here - don't forget to dress up for this extra special occasion!

27. Experience awe-inspiring art at Laumeier Sculpture Park

set aside a whole day together to explore this beautiful outdoor museum where you can meander through gardens and observe incredible sculptures sweetly nestled in nature – stunning doesn’t even begin to describe it!

28. Dine with panoramic views from The Moonrise Hotel

this spectacular restaurant boasts stunning rooftop views of the cityscape below - enjoy your dinner under twinkling stars and sweeping city lights as you two share stories over mouthwatering dishes.

29. Visit the Gateway Arch

explore this iconic landmark together and enjoy a scenic tram ride to the top for breathtaking views of St. Louis from the highest point around! With interactive exhibits and informative guided tours, it’s not just a great date idea, but also an educational experience for you two to share.

30. Take a brewery tour of The Grove

enjoy some delicious craft beer tastings while learning about everything that goes into making them from some of the city’s best brewers! Relax with your partner over some tasty snacks while discovering St. Louis’ fascinating brewing culture – can’t beat that!

31. Enjoy some romantic board games at Pin-Up Bowl

get your game on at this fun venue which offers unique decor, creative cocktails, and mouthwatering cuisine! Whether you’re checking out one of their traditional bowling lanes or playing some classic board games, it makes for a great evening out with your sweetheart.

32. Admire art together at The St. Louis Art Museum

spend some quality time together as you browse through collections spanning centuries and across cultures - let yourselves be inspired by the rich history this museum holds!

33. Catch a live show or concert at The Ready Room

get your groove on as you share a night of music with your cutie! With an ever-changing lineup of genres and performers, there’s something for everyone here - be sure to grab some snacks from the venue too!

34. Visit the Magic House Museum

explore this fun museum together and experience all its interactive exhibits, exciting games, and thrilling activities – it’s like no other museum around! Each room is dedicated to different age groups but they can all be enjoyed by adults too so don’t forget to have fun while discovering new things.

35. Have an enchanting picnic in Forest Park

this lush oasis is the perfect spot for an intimate get together - pack up some gourmet sandwiches and blankets and enjoy each other’s company while taking in some fresh air surrounded by nature. Don’t forget to snap some pictures to remember this special date!

36. Take part in a couples retreat at Oneness Soaking Spa

relax and reconnect with your partner at this luxurious spa, where you can enjoy soothing massages and immersive baths with healing essential oils, alongside a variety of calming aromatherapy treatments – it'll be like no other date you've ever been on before!

37. Stargaze at the McDonnell Planetarium

discover the wonders of the universe together with fun and informative shows about galaxies, planets, and stars! Take a seat inside the domed theater to get an incredible view of our planet’s night sky.

38. Experience a breathtaking performance at The Stages St. Louis

catch a ballet or musical and be swept away by the talent of some of the best performers in town – a truly magical night out that your special someone will cherish forever!

39. Go on a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride

take your love for an unforgettable ride around St. Louis and let yourselves get lost in each other’s company - it's sure to be one of your most memorable dates!

40. Enjoy dinner with a stunning view at Sixteen100 Rooftop Bar & Restaurant

savor some delicious dishes while overlooking the magnificent views of downtown St. Louis - breathtakingly romantic!

41. Attend the Opera Theatre of St. Louis

indulge in sumptuous music, powerful costumes and brilliant set designs accompanied by riveting performances – this is sure to be an unforgettable night out!

42. Visit the City Museum

explore its endless art installations and interactive exhibits and take part in some fun physical activities together - it's the perfect way to connect with each other while having a great time.

43. Take a leisurely stroll along the Mississippi Riverfront

soak in the beauty of this iconic river while sparking conversations with your partner - don’t forget to catch a glimpse of the magnificent Arch while you’re at it!

44. Tour some of St. Louis' historical landmarks

take a trip back in time as you learn about St. Louis’ past together by visiting famous landmarks such as The Old Courthouse, The Cathedral Basilica, and more - a perfectly romantic outing!

45. Have a romantic picnic at Forest Park

grab your favorite snacks and drinks and head out to Forest Park for some quality time amidst nature - a great setting for a soulful date!

46. Go ice skating together at Steinberg Skating Rink

take turns on the ice and hold each other tight as you glide across it - there’s nothing quite like it in creating those special moments!

47. Tour wineries around St. Louis

let wine be the muse of your conversations as you tour different wineries in the region - an ideal night out if you're looking to share something more than words!

48. Spend a night playing classic board games

crack open that old Monopoly set or better yet, get lost in checkers, chess, or any other game while talking away - it's sure to be an intimate evening with lots of fun!

49. Take a hot-air balloon ride

nowhere else can you get those breathtaking views of St. Louis while having a romantic date in the sky - it's sure to take your breath away!

50. Enjoy dinner at one of many fine dining restaurants

treat your special someone to an unforgettable night out, with multi-course meals, romantic ambience and incredible service - it will definitely be worth every penny!

51. Visit the Saint Louis Art Museum

explore its vast galleries filled with artworks dating back centuries and discuss the themes that inspire each piece - there's no better way to bond over something meaningful!

52. Have drinks at one of the city’s speakeasies

transport yourselves into a time when these establishments were commonplace and enjoy some dazzling cocktails while getting to know each other better.

53. Take a stroll through the Missouri Botanical Garden

meander along its lush and vibrant pathways with your special someone, admiring its beautiful sights and smells - it's sure to create a romantic atmosphere!

54. Relive the 1920s at Summer Day Palace

dance away to some of the most popular tunes from that era and take a step back into history with your date - it'll certainly be one for the books!

55. Dine & Drive-in at Hi-Pointe Drive In

grab some popcorn, drinks, candies and of course, burgers as you cozy up in front of the big screen watching classic movies together!

56. Feel the thrill at Six Flags St. Louis

take on roller coasters and other thrilling rides while screaming out your love for each other - nothing quite like this kind of adrenaline rush to make things more exciting!

57. Take a riverboat cruise on the Mississippi River

nothing quite like watching the sun go down while enjoying a romantic cruise with your loved one, accompanied by live jazz music and their scrumptious buffet dinner!

58. Catch a theater performance at The Muny

enjoy some of the best Broadway-style performances put up by this renowned outdoor amphitheater - it's sure to be an evening spent in great entertainment and culture!

59. Have some laughs at Funnybone

take your date out for some comedy shows and laugh away to your heart’s content - you're sure to leave with fond memories, as well as aching sides from too much laughter!

60. Get sporty at Big Shark Bicycle Company

rent two bicycles and explore St. Louis' beautiful parks together, or cycle around its iconic landmarks - ultimately the perfect way to get the most out of your date!

61. Take a horse-drawn carriage ride through Forest Park

experience the classic romance of this time-honored tradition with your date as you go for a leisurely and dreamy ride around the park - take in the sights and capture them in your hearts!

62. Dip into some culture at The Contemporary Art Museum

from contemporary artworks to photography, explore all that St. Louis has to offer artistically with your date - get ready for an intellectual conversation afterwards!

63. Indulge in some sweet treats from Crown Candy Kitchen

one of the oldest family-owned confectioners in St. Louis offers its wide array of delicious treats - enjoy them together while cozying up and enjoying each other’s company!

64. Get competitive with putt-putt golf at Bogey Hills Country Club

try out their mini golf course together and compete against each other to see who gets the highest score - it's sure to bring out your silly sides, making things even more fun!

65. Take a stroll through the Alpine Village

take a romantic walk hand in hand and admire the beauty of the village’s architecture while stopping to enjoy some traditional German eats!

66. Experience history at Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site

explore the largest ancient city north of Mexico and learn more about its past inhabitants - an interesting way to bond with your date!

67. Appreciate nature at Missouri Botanical Garden – enjoy this lovely garden full of plant life and wildlife, perfect for a romantic stroll under the stars - your date is sure to be charmed!

68. Revisit classic literature at Saint Louis Public Library

from legendary authors such as William Shakespeare, appreciate some great works together – it's sure to open up some interesting conversations!

69. Cruise along the Riverfront

take an evening cruise and enjoy each other’s company with a romantic view of the waterways - beautiful sights await!

70. Escape for a picnic in Tower Grove Park

make it special with handmade meals and set up shop outdoors to admire the wildlife and trees while munching away - it’s a perfect way to get close!

71. Have fun at Six Flags St. Louis

hit some of their thrilling rides together, scream your hearts out in excitement, then cool down with some cotton candy afterwards - definitely a fun date experience!

72. Enjoy dinner by candlelight at King Louie's Restaurant

indulge in some of the finest Italian cuisine around town and make sure you do so by candlelight for maximum effect - talk about setting the mood for romance!

73. Catch a show at Fox Theater

one of the city’s original movie palaces, this intimate and romantic theater offers shows from musicals to concerts - the perfect way to spend an evening with your date!

74. Go for a spin at The Chase Park Plaza

if you’re looking for something nostalgic, why not treat your date to a few spins around the dance floor? Plus, don’t forget about the amazing dining options!

75. Unwind with spa treatments at Aullwood Garden

take some time out from busy schedules and indulge in relaxing massages while taking in the beauty of nature - it can be quite therapeutic!

76. Appreciate art at Saint Louis Art Museum

explore various artworks together and discover new things that both of you can relate to - definitely a unique experience!

77. Admire the view at the St. Louis Arch

take a ride to the top and revel in the breathtaking view of the cityscape below - you’ll feel a special kind of love as you look out together!

78. Make ice cream at Fitz's

sign up for a fun-filled ice cream making class and indulge in some scrumptious homemade treats while learning something new - it’ll be an adventure!

79. Wine & dine at The Wine Tap

head over to this exclusive wine and tapas spot where you’ll find dozens of wines and gourmet small plates - perfect for a romantic night out!

80. Explore The Missouri Botanical Garden

admire the beauty of nature together with lush gardens, fountains, sculptures, greenhouses, and more - definitely one for instagrammable moments!

81. Have a picnic at Forest Park

gather your picnic essentials and find the perfect spot in this enormous park to spend some quality time - sit back and relax while you enjoy the view of vibrant meadows!

82. Get sporty at Busch Stadium

grab some tickets to watch some baseball together, or take a tour around the stadium to appreciate its unique features - no matter what you do, it’ll be one memorable night!

83. Watch a movie at Hi-Pointe Drive-In Theater & Café

catch a double feature with your date while munching on delicious snacks under the stars - perfect for old-school fun!

84. Go stargazing at The Saint Louis Science Center Planetarium

gaze up towards the heavens and appreciate the beauty of the night sky from this amazing observatory that offers 360 degree views!

85. Visit the St. Louis Zoo

marvel at the wonders of wildlife while you explore exhibits, see shows or just take a stroll - it’s an experience to remember!

86. Check out the City Museum

a unique adventure awaits as you explore this spectacular museum full of tunnels, slides, and plenty of interesting curiosities - good for a laugh!

87. Have some fun at Pinball Games

put your skills to the test and challenge each other on this fun-filled arcade game - perfect for some friendly competition!

88. Relax at Lafayette Park

this historic park is a great place to catch up with your date surrounded by lush trees and beautiful ponds - take your time and enjoy!

89. Tour the Anheuser-Busch Brewery & Biergarten

explore the popular brewery and sample some of the best local beers - a great way to get a taste of St. Louis!

90. Appreciate nature at Missouri Botanical Garden

take your date for a walk through this gorgeous garden to marvel at its stunning flora, water features and structures - it’s a perfect spot for romance!

91. Enjoy wonderful views at The Gateway Arch

take an elevator ride up this unique attraction to appreciate its majestic structure and be blown away with the stunning views from above - absolutely breathtaking!

92. Go shopping at St. Louis Union Station

experience some retail therapy as you explore the grand shopping mall that offers plenty of charming shops and restaurants - perfect for a date day out!

93. Watch a show at The Fabulous Fox

take your date to this classic theatre in downtown St. Louis and watch a musical or play - it’s an experience you won’t forget!

94. Take a romantic boat ride on the Mississippi

sail down the historic river and watch the stunning views as the sun sets - it’s one of the most romantic activities you can do with your special someone!

95. Catch a ballgame at Busch Stadium

enjoy some baseball action with your date, share some snacks and drinks, and cheer for your favorite team - a great way to have fun together!

96. Explore Citygarden

wander around this beautiful public park located in Downtown St. Louis, filled with art installations and lush vegetation - perfect for an afternoon stroll!

97. Experience something different at City Museum

explore the weird and wonderful world of this interactive museum filled with art and quirky exhibits - a totally unique date experience!

98. Spend time with the animals at St. Louis Zoo

get up close and personal with exotic creatures from around the world and watch them in their natural habitats - another great choice for animal lovers!

99. Enjoy a special dinner at The Hill

treat your special someone to some delicious Italian cuisine while admiring the city’s breathtaking skyline - an unforgettable evening date!

100. Take a romantic walk on the Muny

enjoy some quiet time together by taking a stroll inside this iconic outdoor theatre park - it’s one of the most picturesque areas in St Louis!

101. Have some fun at Forest Park

explore the vast green spaces in this historic park and try out a variety of outdoor activities like horse riding, golfing, or jogging - perfect for active couples!

102. Admire the views from the Gateway Arch

take a ride in the unique tram to the top of the iconic arch and enjoy mesmerizing views of St. Louis - it’s an experience you won’t forget!

103. Climb up to The Cathedral Basilica

admire this stunning landmark up close and get some great pictures of your date as you ascend the stairs - a beautiful experience that will stay with you forever!

104. Visit an Art Museum

spend some quality time exploring artwork together at St Louis' world-renowned art museums, such as The Saint Louis Art Museum or The Contemporary Art Museum - it's an educational and romantic adventure!

105. Sample the local cuisine

enjoy delicious treats from some of St Louis' most renowned restaurants, and sample some locally brewed beers or handcrafted cocktails - explore the city's culinary delights!

106. Enjoy a night at the theatre

head to one of St Louis' many theatres for a performance you won't forget - it's perfect for an evening you and your special someone will remember forever!

107. Relax with Yoga in the Park

try out some calming yoga together in one of St Louis' stunning parks or gardens - it's a great way to relieve stress and reconnect with each other!

108. Take a riverboat cruise

experience a unique cruise together on the Mississippi River while admiring beautiful landscapes - it's the perfect romantic getaway!

109. Experience Historic Soulard

marvel at the city's old buildings and cobblestone streets as you take a romantic stroll through this historic neighborhood - it's an unforgettable experience!

110. Hit the markets

take in some of St Louis' most vibrant markets and browse unique products from local producers - perfect for finding little souvenirs for each other!

111. Take in a game at Busch Stadium

watch a thrilling baseball game together at one of the world's most iconic stadiums - it's an exciting night out that is sure to be remembered!

112. Tour the Anheuser-Busch Brewery

explore this iconic brewery and admire its stunning architecture, then sample some of the delicious beers brewed here - a great way to spend an afternoon together!

113. Explore the City Garden

wander through this picturesque park and admire its stunning sculptures and colourful flora - it's an incredibly romantic way to spend some time together!

114. Take in the view at The Gateway Arch

witness incredible views of the city skyline as you soar above it - perfect for a breathtakingly romantic experience with your special someone!

115. Have a picnic in Tower Grove Park

pack a delicious picnic lunch, then head out to Tower Grove Park for a tranquil afternoon spent in nature - it's an unforgettable activity!

116. Admire the art at The Contemporary Art Museum

marvel at some of St Louis' most remarkable works of art together, while enjoying stimulating conversations and modern vibes - an ideal date night!

117. Visit the Missouri Botanical Garden

stroll through acres of lush plants and vibrant flowers with your partner, while admiring scenic views and learning about nature - a unique opportunity to bond with each other!

118. Enjoy a sunset cruise on the Mississippi River

dazzle in each others' eyes as you watch the sun setting over the Mississippi river - it's an incredibly romantic experience!

119. Taste local specialties at The Hill

sample some of St Louis' finest Italian cuisine in one of the city's most iconic neighbourhoods - perfect for a relaxing evening out!

120. Relax at Laumeier Sculpture Park

tranquilize yourselves amongst nature, by taking a leisurely walk through this stunning sculpture park - it's sure to be a memorable time together.

121. Take in a show at The Fox Theatre

enjoy an evening of entertainment together, as you take in a dazzling performance at this iconic theatre - it's the perfect way to impress your date!

122. Shop 'til you drop on Delmar Boulevard

browse through some unique stores and boutiques along this vibrant street with your partner - it'll be great for finding gifts for each other!

123. Spend time outdoors at Forest Park

explore the breathtaking beauty of one of St Louis' most beautiful parks by taking a relaxing stroll or cycling around its perimeter- ideal for nature lovers!

124. Enjoy live music at Blueberry Hill

take in some incredible live music together while enjoying tasty treats from the well-known burger joint attached to the venue - perfect for romantic vibes!

125. Get creative at Craft Alliance Center of Art + Design

spend your day exploring different art forms, whilst attending various workshops and classes held here - it's a great way to express yourselves together!

126. Taste delicious food at The Hill

sample some of the most delectable Italian cuisines with your date while admiring beautiful architecture - a great way to bond!

127. Visit The Missouri History Museum

explore this incredible museum and discover its captivating exhibits together - it's an ideal place to learn about St Louis' rich culture!

128. Catch a show at Powell Hall

be dazzled by the breathtaking beauty of one of St Louis' oldest concert halls, then take in a performance from world-class musicians - perfect for an unforgettable night out!

129. Explore Grant’s Farm

marvel at the majestic wildlife and stunning scenery as you wander around this vast animal sanctuary - it'll make for an amazing time together!

130. Enjoy live music on Laclede’s Landing

listen to some soulful tunes performed by street artists, or join in yourself with some karaoke fun - it's sure to be an incredibly romantic evening!

131. Take a walk through Lafayette Park

enjoy some peaceful moments as you admire the picturesque views of magnificent park - perfect for couples who love outdoor activities!

132. Discover art at The Pulitzer Arts Foundation

admire stunning works of modern art with your partner, while having meaningful conversations about culture and creativity - it's an unforgettable thing to do together!

133. Visit The City Museum

explore this incredible museum filled with fun activities and exhilarating adventures - perfect for those looking for an active date night option!

134. Go to a St Louis Cardinals baseball game

watch one of this city's most beloved teams in action whilst enjoying classic stadium food snacks - it'll be great for cheering each other on!

135. Shop around Soulard Farmers Market

browse through stands selling everything from fresh produce to handmade souvenirs, then grab something special as a romantic memento - ideal way to spend time together!

136. Have dinner at Eclipse Restaurant & Bar

sample delicious dishes made using locally sourced ingredients all while admiring the skyline view from its rooftop patio-it’s sure to be a memorable experience!

137. Enjoy live music on the Delmar Loop

listen to some soulful tunes performed by talented street artists, or join in yourself with some karaoke fun - it's sure to be an incredibly romantic evening!

138. Explore Citygarden

admire breathtaking sculptures and greenery as you stroll around this stunning sculpture park - it's sure to be a memorable time together.

139. Have a picnic on Art Hill

set up your own little romantic spot here, grab some snacks from nearby vendors and enjoy each other’s company - perfect for couples who love outdoor activities!

140. Take a carriage ride through St Louis' historic streets

experience the beauty of the city together in a unique way by taking a romantic ride through its charming streets - ideal for a quiet night together!

141. Enjoy the nightlife at Ballpark Village

enjoy drinks, live music and sports together in a vibrant atmosphere - perfect for couples looking for a fun-filled evening!

Whether you're looking for an adventure in nature or a night out on the town, we hope these will provide some inspiration and help make your next date one to remember. Happy planning!



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