150 BEST Bath Quotes Instagram (Selected)

Olivia M Williams Mar 12, 2023
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Bath Quotes Instagram

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Take a bath and forget about your worries! There’s nothing like taking a bath to reset the mind and body. From relaxing in lavender-infused water, to enjoying some ‘me time’ there’s no denying that bath time is an essential ingredient for self-care. Here are 150 of the best bath quotes Instagram has to offer:

1. "A warm bath is a great way to relax after work" – Unknown

2. "Peace begins with a smile in the bathtub." – Unknown

3. "Relaxing in my bubble bath makes all my troubles go away." – Unknown

4. "Take some time for yourself today and enjoy a long hot bath."– Unknown

5. “Bathtime bliss - bubbles, candles, music and no phone calls!” —Unknown

6. “I need more bubble baths & less stress” ―Unknown

7. “Creativity starts from within—especially when it comes from soaking in the tub with wineglass

full of inspiration”―Unknown

8. “Ahhh… Nothing better than lounging around in the tub on Sunday morning! ―Unknown

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9. “A bath for the body, a beverage for the soul” ―Sara Blakely

10. “The bathtub is my little escape pod from reality!” ―Unknown

11. “Take time to do what makes your soul happy”― Unknown

12. “Bathtime bliss: peaceful music, candles, and no phone calls!”― Unknown

13. "Bubbles in the bath = bubbles of joy!" —Unknown

14. "I need more bubble baths and less stress" —Unknown

15. "Baths are like magic potions that can heal all ailments." —Terri Guillemets

16. "Tranquility starts with a soak in the tub." —Christy Ann Martine

17. "One should use salt water not only to preserve meat but also to bathe in." —John Davis

18 .A long hot bath will cure just about anything – aches, pains & frayed nerves included.– Unknown

19 .Taking a bath always helps me reset and focus on whatever I'm doing next.– Renuka Jain

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20. Long soaks can help you let

21. "Take yourself on a bath date, you deserve it." —Unknown

22. “No one ever said life was easy, but taking a bath never hurt either” ― Unknown

23. “Bubble baths are the key to my happiness” ― Unknown

24. “A bath can cure anything!”― Unknown

25. “The bathtub is where I do my best thinking"–Unknown

26. "A hot bath and few chapters of a book is all that I need" – unknown

27. "Soaking in the tub with lavender-soaked bubbles will ease your tension away!" –unknown

28. "Sink into blissful relaxation with every soak."—Unknown

29. “An afternoon in the bath is just what I needed today!”–– Unknown

30. “Sometimes unwinding with a bubble bath is exactly what you need to reset and refresh". –Unknown

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31. "Letting go while soaking up some bubbles makes me feel like I'm ready to take on whatever comes my way".–Unknown

32. "Filling up the tub and relaxing brings peace to mind, body and spirit." – Unknown

33. “Taking a bath is like taking a mini-vacation” –Unknown

34 .“A bath cleans the body and soul”– Unknown

35 ."The bathtub is where I do my best thinking"– Unknown

36. “Treat yourself to a bath and enjoy some peace in the tub” – Unknown

37. “A bath is always an invitation for relaxation" – Unknown

38. "Baths are like mini vacations - take one today!"– Unknown

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39. "Soak away your troubles with lots of bubbles."– Unknown

40. "An evening bath can be just what you need to relax."– Unknown

41. "Start your day off right by having a nice warm bath." —Unknown

42. “Let go of the day's stress in the bathtub!”––Unknown

43. "Take time out for you and have that long soak".―Unknown

44. "The best way to end my day? With a hot bath, candles and music".―Unknown

45. ”Ahh... Nothing better than lounging around in the tub on Sunday morning! ― Unknown

46. "Bathing is so much more than 'just cleaning'--it's about renewal & relaxation" - unknown

47. "Time spent soaking is never wasted". -- unknown

48. "There's no better feeling than clocking out after work then hopping

49. "Take yourself on a bath date, you deserve it" - Unknown

50. “Let the warmth of the bath wash all your worries away” – Unknown

51. “Take me to a hot bath and I will be a new person” – Unknown

52. “Bubbles in the bath = bubbles of joy!" -Unknown

53. "Sometimes there's no better feeling than hopping into a hot bath after work".—Unknown

54. “A bath is like washing off the day with one giant hug”– Unknown

55 .“Clear my head, relax my body and ease my soul; that's what happens when I take some time for myself in the bathtub!” – Unknown

56. "The waves of warm water are just what I need for total relaxation." —Unknown

57. "Have an at-home spa night with lots of bubbles and essential oils." —Unknown

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58. "Soak up some self-care today with a nice bubble bath" —unknown

59. "Go ahead, indulge yourself in a luxurious soak"—unknown

60. "Unwind with lavender scented bubbles while listening to calm

61. "A bath is the perfect place to let go of the day's worries and stresses" – Unknown

62. “The bathtub is my happy hour” - Unknown

63. “I'm not lazy, I'm just recharging in the bath” – Unknown

64. “Soak away your stress with a splash of aromatherapy bath salts!” –Unknown

65. "Saunter into your bubble bath and relax into blissful oblivion".—Unknown

66. "Take time for yourself to soak up some relaxation in the tub!"– Unknown

67. “Baths are like washing away all it doesn't matter"--unknown

68. "Relax mind, body and soul while soaking in warm bubbles"—unknown

69. "Bathing can help you connect with your inner peace" —Unknown

70. "Pamper yourself with an indulgent hot bath at least once a week"! ―Unknown

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71. “Bubbles in the bath are like mini hugs” – Unknown

72. “Treat yourself to a bath and enjoy some peace in the tub” – Unknown

73. “Fill your bath with bubbles, music and relaxation" - Unknown

74. "Take a long hot bath and just relax into it"– Unknown

75. "A nice bath is the perfect way to end an exhausting day"– Unknown

76. "Let the warmth of the bathtub ease away all of life's worries" —Unknown

77. "Time spent soaking in warm water is never wasted".—Unknown

78. "Taking a bath can help you escape from reality without ever leaving home.—Unknown

79. "Hot baths make me feel so relaxed, I could stay here all night!".—Unknown

80. "Sometimes there's nothing better than easing my stress with a hot bubble bath".—Unknown

81. "Ahh...Nothing seems better than having a luxurious soak"! ―unknown

82. "Slip into peaceful bliss during your relaxing bathing experience!"―unknown

83. “Warm baths offer self-care that allows us to look within ourselves for answers".―unknown

84. "The only thing you need is love" - unknown

85. “Relaxation is key, and a bath can help you find it".―Unknown

86. "A bath soothes the soul as much as it cleanses the body” – Unknown

87. “Dive into relaxation with a hot bath and candlelight” - Unknown

88. “Soothe your mind in a bubbly bath of peace" - Unknown

89."The art of bathing: enjoy some time alone to relax".—Unknown

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90. "The best kind of day ends with a relaxing bath" ― Unknown

91. "Be still, be present, and give yourself permission to do nothing while taking a bath!".—Unknown

92. "Let go of all worries when you take your nightly dip"!– Unknown

93. "A warm bubble bath helps recharge my batteries after an exhausting day" —unknown

94. "Pure bliss awaits in the form of luxurious bubbles"!—unknown

95. "Take some 'me-time' each evening by slipping into your favorite bubble bath".―unknown

96. "It's important to make time for yourself; start that process by taking an indulgent soak!"–– unknown

97. “Take a bath and let your worries slip away" ―Unknown

98. "Relax and enjoy the peace of a long soak"– Unknown

99 .“Bathing is one of life's simple pleasures; take time to indulge in it often"!―unknown

100."A bath can be just what you need after an especially busy day".—Unknown

101."Enjoy some stress-free 'me-time' by taking a nice warm bath!".—Unknown

102."Unplug, unwind and relax with a luxurious bubble bath".―unknown

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103 ."If I'm feeling anxious, nothing calms me down like my favorite bubble bath!"–– Unknown

104 ."Soothe your senses with some essential oils in the tub today"! – Unknown

105 . “Bubble baths are like mini escapes from reality"—unknown

106 .”Go ahead, add extra bubbles - who ever said too many were bad?!” — unknown

107. "When all else fails, hop into the bathtub for relaxation" – Unknown

108 ."Life is too short not to treat yourself to a nice hot bath once in awhile"— unknown

109. “A bath is the perfect place to take a break and clear your mind" – Unknown

110. "Take some time each day for yourself; start with a relaxing bath"!―unknown

111 ."Bathing can be an opportunity to reconnect with yourself” ―Unknown

112 ."Nourish your soul by taking some 'me-time' in the bathtub".―unknown

113 ."Ahh..Nothing feels better than soaking away my worries in an indulgent bubble bath!".—Unknown

114."Don't forget to take a few moments out of your day just for you - start with a bath!"– Unknown

115. “Let go of life's stress and stay awhile in the tub!” —Unknown

116 . "The warmth of the bath brings restorative powers that no words can describe".—Unknown

117 . "Treat yourself every once in awhile, starting with taking a nice warm bath"— unknown

118 ."There's no feeling like slipping into a long hot bubble bath after work!"–– Unknown

119."If you're having trouble sleeping, nothing helps like an extra-long soak before bed".—unknown

120. "Pamper yourself and treat your skin right; hop into the tub today"!

121. “Take a bath and relax your troubles away” – Unknown

122. "Stay awhile in the bathtub and let yourself take a break from life's worries" – Unknown

123 . "A bath is the best place to gather your thoughts"- Unknown

124 . "Unlock all of life's possibilities by taking some alone time in the bath".―unknown

125 ."Your bath isn't just about getting clean - it's about healing too!"– Unknown

126 . “Bubble baths are always worth it, especially on days when you need an escape”—Unknown

127."Make sure to treat yourself right; start with slipping into a warm bubble bath"!―unknown

128 ."Bathing should be viewed as an art form; create something special today!"—Unknown

129. "Escape into relaxation with a nice hot bubble bath". —Unknown

130. "Bathe not only for hygiene but also for inner peace" ―Unknown

131. “Bathing is a way to connect with yourself and find some inner peace” – Unknown

132. "Take time for yourself each day; start with a bath"! —unknown

133. "Soak away your worries in the bathtub today"?—Unknown

134. “A bath can be just what you need after a long, tiring day” – Unknown

135."Clear your head and relax by taking some 'me-time' in the bath".―unknown

136. "Let go of all worries when you slip into that warm bubble bath!"–Unknown

137. "Rejuvenate your senses with an indulgent soak in the tub today"— unknown

138. "Be kind to yourself - take a nice relaxing bath often".—Unknown

139. "Treat your skin right and give it some love; start with slipping into warm bubbly water"! ―unknown

140. "Start off fresh by giving yourself an extra-long bubble bath".–– Unknown

141. “Fill the bathtub with luxurious bubbles and soak away all your worries” – Unknown

142. "Take time to relax, recenter yourself and reset - start by taking a bath"!―unknown

143. "Allow yourself some peace of mind - slip into that warm bathtub today"— unknown

144. “A bath is one of the best ways to unwind and let go of life's stress" – Unknown

145. "Bathing can be therapeutic; take some time for yourself today"!―unknown

146. "Enjoy a little bit of bliss when you step into that bubble bath!"–Unknown

147. "Escape from reality for awhile in an indulgent hot tub".—Unknown

148. "Rediscover your sense of well-being with a warm bath". —Unknown

149. "Let go off all cares when you slip into that extra-long bubble bath!". – Unknown

150. "Nothing says 'relax' like sliding into a soothing warm bath!"—unknown

Sensual Story In The Bath

The warm water lapped around her body, like a lover's caress. She let out a deep sigh of relaxation as she sunk further into the tub. The aroma of her favorite bath salts surrounded her, calming her and easing away the stress of the day. She closed her eyes and breathed in that scent, letting it take her to places far away from the mundane responsibilities of everyday life.

Her mind drifted to times past, when she felt free and relaxed - when she let go of all worries and just embraced the moment. In this bathtub, surrounded by steamy bubbles, she felt as if she could stay forever, content to never leave this peaceful paradise.

The candles that adorned the edges of the tub cast a soft glow across the room. The atmosphere was perfect for a romantic evening with herself - one where she could just put aside all concerns and simply enjoy her own company.

She reached for one of the nearby loofahs and grabbed some sweet-smelling body wash. As she ran it across her skin, massaging it in gently with gentle circular motions, she imagined each drop of water was imbued with new energy and vitality - washing away any negative thoughts or feelings that had been lingering in her mind throughout the day.

As time passed slowly by, she found herself immersed in a sense of pure bliss; completely collected in this moment - this tiny slice of heaven within four walls - safe from anything that might threaten to disturb its tranquil beauty. Her skin tingled pleasantly as she soaked up every last drop of warmth before reluctantly standing up to turn off the taps.

Wrapped comfortably in a fluffy towel, she made her way over to bed; tired but satisfied from such an indulgent evening alone with herself in a world built for pleasure no one else could ever experience or understand but her. This was what true self-love looked like: A secluded bubble full of grace and solace where nothing mattered except indulging in your own sweetest fantasies until you were so blissfully content that you wanted nothing more than sleep itself.

She tucked herself in, feeling relaxed and ready to drift off into a peaceful slumber. As she closed her eyes, the last thought on her mind was of how grateful she was to have found this little oasis within her own home - a place where she could escape from reality and take some much needed time for herself anytime the world got too chaotic. It reminded her that no matter what life might bring, she had a haven of comfort and serenity to turn to when it all became too much.

And with that comforting thought, sleep soon followed.

The end. ♥️

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