159 BEST Smoking Quotes For Instagram (Selected)

Olivia M Williams Jan 23, 2023
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Smoking is a habit that has been around for centuries, and smoking quotes are just as popular today as they have ever been.

For many people, smoking provides an escape from the stress of everyday life, or simply serves as a way to relax in social settings.

Whether you’re looking for smoking quotes to use on Instagram or just want some inspiration on how to quit smoking, these 159 smoking quotes will provide all the motivation you need!

From funny smoking quotes to serious ones about addiction and health risks, we’ve got something for everyone.

So kick back and enjoy these inspiring words from famous figures throughout history – it might even give you the push you need to quit smoking once and for all!

Smoking Quotes For Instagram:

1. “Smoke when you want, but don’t let smoking control your life.” – Unknown

2. “No smoking sign: I choose not to smoke around you because I care about your health and mine. Thank You!” – Unknown

3. “Smoking is a habit that drains your money and kills you slowly… one puff at a time!” - Katrina Mayer

4. “A smoking section in a restaurant is like having a peeing section in a swimming pool.” – Edward Burr

5. “You can quit smoking, but you'll always be an ex-smoker." - Terri Guillemets

6. "I grew up with six brothers and no sisters... what else was I going to do?"– Jeff Foxworthy

7. "If smoking is not allowed in heaven, then I shall not go."– Mark Twain

8. "Why are cigarettes so much more dangerous than cigars? Cigars have warning labels too; they just say 'caution: cigar"- Jerry Seinfeld

9. "I smoked on occasion all my adult life and I find smoking pleasurable. But smoking also kills people, so it should be done with caution." - Anthony Hopkins

10. "Smoking is one of the leading causes of statistics." - Fletcher Knebel

11. “Cigarettes are a classy way to commit suicide.” – Kurt Cobain

12. “It’s okay to be a smoker as long as you don’t smoke in public.” – Unknown

13. "If smoking is so bad for you, why does it taste so good?" - Unknown

14. “Smoking kills. If you’re killed, you’ve lost a very important part of your life.” – Brooke Shields

15. “Smoking is suicide by slow fire.” – Thomas de Quincey

16. “Life is like smoking; the less you do, the longer you live." - Unknown

17. “If smoking is not allowed in heaven, I shall not go.” - Mark Twain

18. “Smoking kills more people than murder, suicide and car accidents combined." - Unknown

19. "A cigarette is the perfect type of a perfect pleasure; it is exquisite and leaves one unsatisfied". - Oscar Wilde

20. “I don’t have an addictive personality unless you count smoking two packs of cigarettes a day as an addiction." - Bill Maher

21. “It's so hard to give up smoking -- even harder when there are other things that need quitting too." – Marty Rubin

22. "Every smoker has his own smoking philosophy: If others smoke one cigar at a time, he smokes three."– Tom Ferguson

23. “When I light my cigarette, all worries fade away like morning dew drops on grass blades" – Nimra Shahid

24. “You know how they say smoking can kill you? Well so can stress, anxiety and depression…so pick your poison!” – Unknown

25. "The wildest colts make the best horses"– Benjamin Franklin

26. "Smoking is an expensive way to die" – Unknown

27. “I don’t smoke and I don’t want to, but smoking doesn’t kill you; it just makes you wish it did.” – Stephen King

28. “The only reason people keep smoking is because they think quitting will be worse than smoking itself." - Unknown

29. “I never told a smoker that smoking was bad for him; it seemed redundant."- John Mason Brown

30. "If I had a choice between two evils, I'd choose the one with more nicotine in it." - Milan Kundera

31. “It's not hard to quit smoking --you can do it anytime you want... all you need is determination!”– Unknown

32. "Smoke when stressed out? Remember: cigarettes are like life's problems, puffing away slowly until there's nothing left but ashes!"– Anonymous

33. “The best way to stop smoking is to just stop—no ifs, ands or butts." - Edith Zittler

34. "Once a smoker, always a smoker. That's why smoking is such a hard habit to break." – Unknown

35. “Smoking isn't cool, it just makes you look like an idiot with a cigarette in your mouth.”– Anonymous

36. "Quitting smoking can be the best decision of your life or the worst regret of your life."– Unknown

37. “Smoking cigarettes is like paying to have your life cut shorter.” – Unknown

38. "If smoking a cigar makes you feel like a king, try smoking something that's not as dangerous to your health!" - Anonymous

39. “The only way to get rid of smoking is to get rid of the smoker.” – Unknown

40. "Smoking can be bad for your health, but it can also cause a lot of social isolation if you smoke around non-smokers." - Anonymous

41. “You don't want to die from smoking...quit smoking and live a healthy life!”– Unknown

42. "Smoking is not the way to be cool, smoking is just another way to fool yourself." - Anonymous

43. “The act of smoking may seem cool, but smoking can lead to an unhealthy and shortened life.” – Unknown

44. "Smoking is like playing Russian roulette with your health." - Anonymous

45. “You are smoking away your life, one puff at a time.” – Unknown

46. "Smoking isn't just killing you, it's also killing the people around you." - Anonymous

47. "Cigarettes will kill you one puff at a time." - Anonymous

48. “Smoking is the path to an early grave and smoking can give you lots of health problems later on in life.” – Unknown

49. "When smoking, think about your future; smoking won't be there with you when it's over." - Anonymous

50. “If smoking isn't good for your health, why do you fill your lungs with smoke?”– Unknown

51. "Smoking is not just bad for your own health, it's also bad for the environment around us." - Anonymous

52. “You don't want to live like a smoker... quit smoking and start living!”– Unknown

53. "It takes courage to quit smoking; have courage and show yourself that you are stronger than cigarettes!" - Anonymous

54. “Cigarette smoking is a major contributor towards poor health today! Quit now!” – Unknown

55. "Smoking is like taking your life away one puff at a time." - Anonymous

56. “You don't want to be smoking when you get old... quit smoking today!”– Unknown

57. "Living without smoking isn't easy but it's worth the effort for a healthier, longer life!" - Anonymous

58. “Smoke free, live free and happy!” – Unknown

59. "Don't let smoking enslave you; break free from this addiction and start living healthier!" - Anonymous

60. “When you quit smoking, your lungs will thank you... so quit today!”– Unknown

61. "Don't smoke if you care about yourself and people around; keep your distance from cigarettes!" - Anonymous

62. “Take control of yourself, take control of smoking before it takes control of you!" – Unknown

63. “Say no to smoking, it's not worth it!” – Unknown

64. "Be brave enough to quit smoking; courage is the key to success!" - Anonymous

65. “Smoke free and stay healthy!”– Unknown

66. "Smoking can take away your breath, take away from you a lot of life experiences." - Anonymous

67. “Cigarettes are like life's problems... smoking them won't make them go away."– Unknown

68. "Stub out smoking before it stubs out your future." - Anonymous

69. “Don't get burned by smoking, be smart and quit now!”– Unknown

70. "Saving yourself from smoking will save you more than just money; save yourself from sickness too!" - Anonymous

71.“Quit smoking today for a healthier tomorrow!” – Unknown

72. "Say no to smoking and yes to life!" - Anonymous

73. “Smoking is like playing with fire, don't get burned. Quit now!”– Unknown

74. "Let smoking be a thing of the past; quit smoking and start living your life!" - Anonymous

75. “Smoking is not worth your time and effort, smoking can lead to an early death.” – Unknown

76. "Make smoking a thing of the past; choose life over smoking!" - Anonymous

77. “Don't smoke to seem cool, smoking doesn't make you cool!”– Unknown

78. "Stop smoking today for a better tomorrow." - Anonymous

79. “No amount of nicotine is ever worth your health, so quit now!”– Unknown

80. "Choose life over cigarettes, because smoking kills more than just yourself." -Anonymous

81.“Don't let cigarettes control you; be in charge and quit smoking now!” – Unknown

82."When it comes to smoking or living healthy, choose wisely!" - Anonymous

83.“Your choice: quitting smoking or facing an early grave...it's up to you!”– Unknown

84."Be kind to yourself by quitting this habit before it becomes too late!" -Anonymous

85. “Cigarettes will never give you the freedom that comes with quitting smoking.” – Unknown

86. "Smoking isn't worth the risk; it's your life, not a cigarette." - Anonymous

87. “Just quit smoking and start living!”– Unknown

88. "Quitting smoking is the best decision you can make for yourself." -Anonymous

89. “Don't be fooled by smoking... smoking won't do any good to your health!”– Unknown

90. "Your body is worth more than just a pack of cigarettes; don't smoke!" - Anonymous

91.“Say goodbye to smoking and hello to a healthier future!” – Unknown

92."Take control over smoking before it controls you!" - Anonymous

93.“Put out that cigarette and pick up your life again! Quit now!”– Unknown

94."Smoking doesn't define who you are, so don't let it control your life!" -Anonymous

95 .“Choose wisely between smoking or living healthy; choose life instead of death!” – Unknown

96. "Smoking doesn't bring life to you, it only takes away!" - Anonymous

97. “Quit smoking today and take back control over your life!” – Unknown

98. "Make smoking a thing of the past; choose life over smoking." -Anonymous

99. “Your lungs will thank you when you quit smoking!”– Unknown

100. "Be brave enough to quit smoking for your own sake!" - Anonymous

101 .“The effort for a healthier, longer life is worth it; quit smoking now!” – Unknown

102. "Don't let cigarettes enslave you; break free from this addiction and start living healthier!" -Anonymous

103.“When you quit smoking, your future self will thank you...so make that decision today!”– Unknown

104."Take control of yourself and begin the journey of quitting smoking now!"-Anonymous

105. “Say no to smoking if you care about yourself and people around; keep your distance from cigarettes!” –Unknown

106. “Smoking only takes away your life; don't let smoking take control of you!” – Unknown

107. "Your life is too precious to be wasted on smoking, so choose wisely!" - Anonymous

108. “Don't let smoking control your future, quit now and make a change for the better!”– Unknown

109. "Live longer and healthier by quitting this habit today!" -Anonymous

110. “Be smarter than smoking; give yourself the chance to breathe without being controlled by cigarettes.” – Unknown

111.“Quitting smoking isn't easy, but it's worth it in the end; be brave and quit smoking now!” –Unknown

112."It's not about how long you can keep smoking, it's about how well you can live after quitting!" -Anonymous

113.“Start living a healthier lifestyle today by saying no to cigarettes! Quit now or regret later.”– Unknown

114."Make smoking a thing of the past; smoke-free is the way forward!" -Anonymous

115 .“You're never too young or too old to start quitting cigarettes for good! Be brave and make the right decision today.” – Unknown

116."There are better ways to spend your time than smoking; invest in yourself, quit smoking now!" -Anonymous

117 .“Live life without smoking! Make this choice for a healthier future.” –Unknown

118. “A smoke-free life is a healthier life; choose to quit smoking today!” – Unknown

119. "Be smoking-free and make yourself proud of your decision!" -Anonymous

120. “Don't let smoking take control over your life, take control over smoking instead! Quit smoking now!”– Unknown

121. “Smoke-free is the way forward, so choose to quit smoking now!” – Unknown

122. "Stop smoking and start living a healthier lifestyle!" -Anonymous

123. “Say goodbye to smoking and hello to a fresh life full of potential!”– Unknown

124."The effort you make today will have long-lasting benefits; choose health over smoking!" - Anonymous

125 .“Nothing good will come out of smoking; put away your cigarettes and start living a healthier life!” –Unknown

126."Quit for a better tomorrow; don't let cigarettes control your future!" - Anonymous

127 .“Be brave enough to choose the smoke-free path, it's worth it in the end!”– Unknown

128. "Make smoking history by saying no; give yourself an opportunity for better health!" -Anonymous

129 .“Don't live with regrets, quit smoking today and be proud of yourself tomorrow!” – Unknown

130. "Your lungs were not made for cigarettes, but for breathing in clean air...so quit now!" -Anonymous

131. “Be wise and make the right decision; smoking is only a shortcut to death!” – Unknown

132. "Make smoking-free your goal in life and don't let cigarettes take control!" - Anonymous

133. “Choose health over smoking, it's worth it in the end!”– Unknown

134. "Smoke-free means living longer; start quitting smoking today for a better tomorrow!" -Anonymous

135 .“Life without smoking can be just as fulfilling...quit now or regret later!” – Unknown

136. "Say no to cigarettes, you have nothing to lose but so much more to gain from quitting smoking!" - Anonymous

137 .“Quit smoking today, you won't regret it! Be brave and make that change for yourself." –Unknown

138. “Don't wait until your lungs are full of tar before making the decision to quit smoking today!” – Unknown

139. "Take care of your body by saying goodbye to cigarettes now!" -Anonymous

140. “Chose freedom over addiction; break free from this habit and start living healthier with smoke-free air!”– Unknown

141. “It’s time to kiss smoking goodbye for good; make the decision now!”– Unknown

142. "Make smoking an old habit - don't let it control you!" -Anonymous

143 .“Say no to smoking, yes to life! Quit smoking now and live a healthier lifestyle.” –Unknown

144."A smoke-free day is a better day; quit smoking and start living long and healthy!" -Anonymous

145 .“Take charge of your life today by choosing health over smoking! Make this decision wholeheartedly!”– Unknown

146."Smoke less, breathe more; put away those cigarettes now!" - Anonymous

147 .“Dispose of your cigarettes today in order to live longer tomorrow. Quitting smoking will lead you down the right path. ”– Unknown

148. “Find strength within yourself to kick that bad habit out of your life; quit smoking now! – Unknown

149."Be brave enough to take on the challenge of quitting smoking today and be proud of yourself tomorrow!" -Anonymous

150 ."Choose health rather than addiction...start making that change with quitting cigarettes now!"

151. “Let smoking be a thing of the past and start living healthier today!” – Unknown

152. "Don't let smoking take control over your life, make smoking an ancient habit instead!" -Anonymous

153 .“Quit smoking today for a better tomorrow; don't wait until it's too late!” – Unknown

154. “Choose health rather than addiction; kick cigarettes out of your life now!”– Unknown

155. "Smoking-free will help you live longer; choose to quit smokers now!" - Anonymous

156 .“Be brave enough to break free from this bad habit and start living healthier immediately! Quit smoking now."– Unknown

157. “Say goodbye to smoking, hello to good health and wealth! Start quitting cigarettes now or regret later!” – Unknown

158."Put away those cigarettes and breathe in clean air...quit smoking now!" -Anonymous

159 ."Make the right decision by choosing smoke-free: say no more tobacco, yes more fresh air!" - Anonymous

And a bonus one: “Your lungs are not made for tar but for breathing in clean air...so quit smoking now! Don't wait until

Quitting smoking is one of the best decisions you can make for your health and wellbeing.

The smoking quotes we have provided should help to motivate, inspire, and support those who are looking to kick this bad habit out of their lives.

With these words in mind, take a step towards freedom today by choosing smoke-free air over cigarettes. Don't wait until it's too late - start living healthier now!

What smoking quote resonates with you most?

Share it on Instagram or other social media platforms so that others may be inspired as well.

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