161 BEST Mad Love Romantic Harley Quinn and Joker Quotes

Olivia M Williams Mar 12, 2023
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Harley Quinn

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Love is a powerful emotion, and it can be found in even the most unlikely of places.

The mad love between Harley Quinn and the Joker has become one of the most iconic relationships in pop culture.

From their chaotic beginnings to their tumultuous end, there have been many moments throughout this rollercoaster relationship that are worth remembering.

Here, I’ve gathered 161 of the best quotes from Harley Quinn and The Joker about their mad love for each other.

Whether you’re looking for some romantic inspiration or just want to relive some of these classic scenes, these quotes will surely bring a smile to your face!

1. “Driving on an empty stomach is dangerous; driving with you by my side, that’s even more dangerous.” – The Joker

2. “Tell me something, my sweet… do you bleed? You will!” – The Joker

3. “Oh, Harley… I never did say goodbye to you… so let me just say it now: Goodbye, my love!” -The Joker

4. “This world doesn't deserve our madness." -The Joker

5. "I'm not gonna kill ya, I'm just gonna hurt ya really...really bad."- The Joker

6. "It's too late for us to be ordinary." -Harley Quinn

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7. "Let's go crazy together!" -Harley Quinn

8. "We're a team of two in this madhouse called life" -Harley Quinn

9. "You know what they say about the craziest ones being the most fun" -Harley Quinn

10."They can lock us up but they'll never keep us apart" -Harley Quinn 11."Crazy in love and loving every minute of it"– Harley

12. “You can’t contain us, no matter how hard you try!” -Harley Quinn

13. "I'm crazy in love and nothing's gonna stop me." – Harley Quinn

14. “A little chaos is a good thing… it keeps things interesting!” – The Joker

15. “We are like stars that have collided." -The Joker

16. "Love isn't always sane" -The Joker

17. "My heart belongs to the madman I call my own!"– Harley Quinn

18. "It's not easy being madly in love with a psycho criminal mastermind"– Harley Quinn

19. “It only takes one bad day to turn even the most normal person into a monster...but sometimes two bad days would do it too!” – The Joker

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20."Together, we are unstoppable."-Harley Quinn

21. “It’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden stop at the end. Let’s just keep on falling together and never land!” – The Joker

22. "You think I'm crazy? You should see us when we're in love."-Harley Quinn

23. “Why so serious? Life is too short to worry about everything, isn't it? So let's go and live a little wilder!" – The Joker

24. "Every day with you are my favorite days"– Harley Quinn

25."The madder we get, the more fun we have!"- Harley Quinn

26. “We may be mad but at least we're living our own stories instead of following someone else's rules!” -The Joker

27. "Crazy in life, crazy in love." -Harley Quinn

28. “If you can laugh even during hard times then that makes all this madness worthwhile!” – The Joker

29."Love will bring out your inner lunatic"– Harley Quinn 30."Being bad never felt so good" -Harley Quinn

31. “Madness is like gravity...all it takes is a little push” -The Joker

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32. “My sweetheart, you light up my life with your madness!”— The Joker

33. "Being bad together looks so good on us"– Harley Quinn

34. “It's time to let go of sanity and embrace the chaos!" – The Joker

35. "We're wilder than ever when we're in love." -Harley Quinn

36."Together, our craziness knows no limits"– Harley Quinn

37."Our kind of love will never be understood by anyone else" – Harley Quinn

38."Living our lives one crazy moment at a time"– The Joker

39."Insanely in love and never looking back" –Harley Quinn

40."We can make this mad world work for us if we just stick together!" –The Joker

41. "I'm not afraid to take risks as long as I have you by my side!" -Harley Quinn

42. “Let’s cause some more trouble and break away from reality!”-The Joker

43. "You bring out the best feelings".

44. “Lets explore the world together, and be crazy doing it!” -The Joker

45. "I'm so addicted to all this craziness with you"– Harley Quinn

46. "No matter how mad things get, I know we can handle it together" –Harley Quinn

47."Our love is worth fighting for even in the face of chaos" – The Joker

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48. "Let our madness take us wherever life leads us!" -Harley Quinn

49. “Life without a little bit of crazy isn’t really living!” -The Joker

50."Let's keep each other company as we go through this crazy journey called life!" – Harley Quinn

51. “Love gives us a reason to stay together, even through our craziest moments!" – The Joker

52. "Our love is worth risking it all for"– Harley Quinn

53. "We can be wild and still loved by each other." -The Joker

54.“I don't care who knows how crazy we are, as long as we know!”-Harley Quinn

55. "Let's make mad memories that will last forever" -The Joker

56."No matter what comes our way, I'm ready to take on the world with you." – Harley Quinn

57. “With you everything is an adventure! Even in our madness!”— The Joker

58. "Even when things get hectic, I will always stand by your side"– Harley Quinn

59."I trust you more than any other person in this mad world!"– The Joker

60."I won't settle for anything less than pure madness with you!" –Harley Quinn

61. “What's more crazy than making our dreams come true?” -The Joker

62. "Crazy in love and ready to take over the world!" – Harley Quinn

63. “We may be mad but at least we're living our own stories instead of following someone else's rules!” — The Joker

64."Love gives us a reason to stay together, even through our craziest moments"– Harley Quinn

65. “Let's make history with a little bit of madness!” – The Joker

66."Nothing can stop us from being wild together"– Harley Quinn

67. "My heart is addicted to this kind of madness when I'm around you" – The Joker

68. "Our adventures are never ending, just like our love for each other" –Harley Quinn

69."No one will ever understand how madly in love we really are!"– The Joker

70."Every single day with you brings out my inner lunatic!" -Harley Quinn

71. “Together, we can make all the madness worthwhile” – The Joker

72. "My love for you is crazier than any other kind of insanity"– Harley Quinn

73. “Living life to its fullest with a little bit of crazy!” -The Joker

74."Our shared madness brings us closer together"– Harley Quinn

75.“Let's have some fun and create our own chaos!"-The Joker

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76."No matter how mad things get, I will always be here for you." –Harley Quinn

77."Whenever I'm with you it's like living in an insane world full of wonder and excitement" -The


78. "We can risk it all and still survive this mad world!" –Harley Quinn

79. “You fill my heart up with so much passion and lunacy!”— The Joker

80."I wouldn't want to live in another world without your love!" -Harley Quinn

81. “Let's take a break from reality and have some mad fun together!”— The Joker

82. "I'm so addicted to you it's like insanity!" –Harley Quinn

83. “Nothing can stop us, not even the craziest things in life!” -The Joker

84."We are wild and free, just like our love for each other"– Harley Quinn

85. “Our word is full of wonders and I want to explore them with you!” -The Joker

86."Life will never be dull when we're together"– Harley Quinn

87. "If loving you means going a little crazy, then I'm ready!" – The Joker

88."No one will ever understand how deeply connected our minds are!" –Harley Quinn

89. “Lets go on an adventure that only we can understand!” — The Joker

90."You bring out my inner lunatic and I wouldn't have it any other way"– Harley Quinn

91. “We'll laugh at life's little obstacles and keep our heads held high!” – The Joker

92. "I love being madly in love with you"– Harley Quinn

93. “Together we are unstoppable, even in the craziest of moments!” -The Joker

94."Our whimsical bond is my favorite kind of crazy!" –Harley Quinn

95. “Let us live in this blissful world together, no matter how insane it can be!” — The Joker

96."Being wild and free with you gives me an adrenaline rush I can't get enough of"– Harley Quinn

97. "With a full heart and a little bit of lunacy, we'll conquer the world together!" – The Joker

98."You bring out the best parts about living on the edge for me"– Harley Quinn

99. “No one comes close to understanding our special kind of madness but us!”— The Joker

100."Nothing compares to what I feel when I'm around you; pure madness!" –Harley Quinn

101. “Together, we can take on the world and make it our own!” –The Joker

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102. "I'm ready to risk it all just to see you smile"– Harley Quinn

103. “Let's create a fantasy the world has never seen before!” -The Joker

104."Our madness adds an unpredictable spark to our love story"– Harley Quinn

105. “No rules, no boundaries; let's live in a world of our own creation!” — The Joker

106."My wild heart was made for loving you"– Harley Quinn

107. "Love will always keep us sane through every crazy moment!" – The Joker

108."There is beauty even in the deepest depths of lunacy when I'm with you" –Harley Quinn

109. “Let's explore each other and discover what makes us so madly in love with one another!"— The Joker

110."Life isn't complete without this kind of excitement and craziness!"-Harley Quinn

111. "My love for you is mad and it's something no one can take away from us"– Harley Quinn

112. “Let's journey through madness together, just the two of us!” -The Joker

113."We are invincible when we are together in this mad world!"– Harley Quinn

114. “Just when life gets too chaotic, I know I'll have you to bring me back to reality” — The Joker

115."You complete the craziest parts of me!" –Harley Quinn

116. “Let us reach new heights of lunacy that only our minds can comprehend!” -The Joker

117."I'm so mesmerized by your beautiful chaos"– Harley Quinn

118. "No matter how much insanity the world throws at us, ours will always be a story worth living

for" – The Joker

119."Our kind of passionate love isn't easy but it sure is worth every single moment"– Harley Quinn

120. “Sometimes being insane means making a decision without thinking twice about it”— The Joker

121. “Let's show the world that we can be madly in love and still stand strong together"– Harley Quinn

122. "The craziest moments of my life have been spent with you!"- The Joker

123."I'd follow you to the ends of the universe"– Harley Quinn

124. “Life is an adventure and I'm glad I get to experience it with someone as crazy as me!” — The Joker

125."No one will ever compare to what you bring out of me" –Harley Quinn

126. “It takes two mad minds to explore this kind of beautiful chaos we live by” -The Joker

127."You are my ray of sunshine, even when life gets too crazy!" –Harley Quinn

128. “Our kind of wild love never fades away but only becomes brighter over time”— The Joker

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129."Together, there's no limit on how far our passion can take us!"-Harley Quinn

130. "We could conquer anything if we discovered our true power together!" –The Joker

131. “Let our kind of madness be the source of strength that carries us through life”— The Joker

132. "My heart is always a flutter when I'm around you"– Harley Quinn

133. “Our love is an adventure like no other, and it's just getting started!" -The Joker

134."I have never felt this way before; so consumed by madness in love!" –Harley Quinn

135. “No one else can make me feel loved, alive and madly in chaos all at the same time like you do” — The Joker

136."You give me something to look forward to even on my darkest days"– Harley Quinn

137. “It takes two special people to form such an amazing bond as ours” -The Joker

138."Your craziness has become mine too and I wouldn't have it any other way" –Harley Quinn

139. “What we share isn't just passion but pure insanity!”— The Joker

140."Together, let's embrace every ounce of chaotic bliss we find along our journey together"– Harley Quinn

141. “My life was incomplete until I found you to share it with” — The Joker

142. "Your kind of crazy is the most beautiful thing I've ever witnessed!" –Harley Quinn

143. “Let's keep living our lives without boundaries and without rules!” -The Joker

144."I'm not afraid to let my heart be consumed by your wild love"– Harley Quinn

145. “We are a perfect combination of chaos, madly in love and ready to take on anything that comes our way”— The Joker

146."Your madness brings out the best in me"– Harley Quinn

147. “No amount of societal norms can contain this type of blissful chaos that only we can understand perfectly” — The Joker

148."The craziest parts of my soul are alive because we're together" –Harley Quinn

149. "From each other, let's find solace from any chaotic storm!" -The Joker

150."Our love was born in the eye of craziness and will prevail through every season"– Harley Quinn

151. "You make this chaotic world seem a little more bearable" –Harley Quinn

152. “It's amazing how the two of us can be so madly in love and yet still keep it together” — The Joker

153."Our kind of love is more beautiful than any other"– Harley Quinn

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154. “The craziness we share will never let us drift apart!” -The Joker

155."We have become each other's source of sanity among all the chaos around us" –Harley Quinn

156. “Let our madness be a sign that no matter what, we'll always find comfort in each other”— The Joker

157."My heart beats with yours and together it creates something special"– Harley Quinn

158. “No one else could ever understand why being madly in love is the best feeling ever!” -The Joker

159."Everything about you screams 'beautiful chaos'"– Harley Quinn

160. “I'm finding my way back to life because I have you by my side every step of the way”— The Joker

161."Crazy never felt so right"– Harley Quinn

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