183 BEST Naughty Easter Bunny Quotes (Chosen)

Olivia M Williams Mar 14, 2023
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naughty bunny

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Easter is a time of celebration and fun, and what better way to celebrate than with over 200 naughty quotes from the Easter Bunny himself!

Here are some of my favorite quotes that will make you smile this Easter. Enjoy!

1. "Revenge is a dish best served with chocolate eggs."

2. "I'm not saying I want to take over the world, but I wouldn't mind getting my hands on some of that free candy!"

3. "If you can't find me at the Easter Egg Hunt, I'm probably raiding the fridge for all the goodies."

4. "Easter? More like feast-er amirite?"

5. "Where there's Easter, there's chocolate bunnies and jelly beans - what more could you ask for?"

6. "Eggs need not be in a basket, they belong straight in your stomach!"

7. "Hopping down the bunny trail isn't civil disobedience; it's good exercise!"

8. "Today's forecast: eggcellent and full of chocolatey joy!"

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9. "Let's make this Easter Sunday extra special... by eating more candy than we should!"

10. "Easter is great and all, but let's face it – we all just want to get our hands on that candy!"

11. "Bunnies don't lay eggs – I do!"

12. "It's that time of year when chocolate eggs are in abundance - rejoice!"

13. "Easter is not just about pastel colours and fluffy bunnies, it's also about being naughty!"

14. "Forget the fancy church service, let's go on an Easter egg hunt instead!"

15. "If you've been a good little bunny this year, you deserve a bag full of chocolate eggs!"

16. "Easter Sunday? That's what I call a chocolicious Sunday Funday."

17. "It's not Easter without some brightly decorated eggs to show off your creative side."

18. "My plan for Easter: find as much candy as possible and have a sugar high all day long."

19. "No matter how old you are, there's always something exciting about an Easter egg hunt."

20. "Life is sweet enough without chocolate, but why not add some extra sweetness on Easter?"

21. "If you want some fun, follow the naughty bunny around!"

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21. “If you want to get naughty this Easter, I’m the one to call!”

22. “Easter isn't just about eggs - it's also a great time for naughty fun!”

23. “Let me show you how naughty Easter can be – just follow my lead!”

24. "My naughty antics will have you hopping in laughter!"

25. “I'm the naughty Easter Bunny and I like to do naughty things!”

26. “Ready for some naughty fun? Let me show you how it's done!”

27. "Time to get naughty this Easter - follow the naughty bunny around!"

28. “Hopping into some naughty fun with the naughty Easter Bunny!”

29. “I'm always up to something naughty – and I'm ready for a good time!”

30. "It's naughty time - with the naughty Easter Bunny!"

31. “Be naughty this Easter – let’s get wild!”

32. “I'm the naughty bunny and I'm here to bring some fun!”

33. “My naughty shenanigans will have you rolling on the floor with laughter!”

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34. “Time to get naughty this Easter – follow the naughty bunny around!”

35. “I'm here to make your naughty dreams come true this Easter!"

36. “Ready to get naughty this Easter? I'm your bunny!”

37. "It's naughty time - with the naughty Easter Bunny!"

38. “Be naughty this Easter and follow me around!”

39. “I'm here to bring some naughty fun – let's see what we can do!”

40. “Let me show you how naughty it can be when the naughty bunny is around!”

41. "Time for some good old fashioned naughtiness this Easter!"

42."What does a mischievous rabbit have in common with an egg? They both like to play hide and seek!"

43."If you think being bad is fun, let me show you just how much more fun it can be!"

44."Easter has come and gone… are you ready for a little bit of naughty?"

45."Not everything has to be so serious - even bunnies deserve a chance at naughty mischief sometimes!"

46."My bright eyes will lead you through all kinds of mischief if you're brave enough to follow them on their journey!"

47."Naughty bunnies love hidden eggs - just beware where they may be hiding!"

48."Let the naughty bunny hop into your heart and cause a little ruckus!"

48. "The naughty Easter bunny is here to cause some mischief – come join the fun!"

49. “Let's get naughty this Easter and follow the naughty bunny around!”

50. “It's time for a naughty adventure with me, your trusty Easter Bunny!”

51. “Ready to have some naughty fun? I'm your bunny!”

52. "I'm always ready to bring you some naughty adventures - let's see what we can find!"

53."Naughty bunnies are always on the hunt for hidden eggs - so keep an eye out!"

54."Easter is all about having a good time; why not make it even more special by getting naughty?"

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55."If you're ready for something new, follow me and my mischievous ways this Easter!"

56."Things are about to get wild with the Naughty Easter Bunny in town - better watch out or join in on the fun!"

57. "Are you brave enough to explore all of my naughtiness this Easter?"

58. “My bright eyes will lead you through a world of pleasure if you want them too…”

59. “Let’s get naughty this Easter and see what naughty adventures we can find!”

60. “Eggs are great, but naughty fun is even better - come join me!"

61. "Surprises await when you follow the naughty bunny around town!"

62."Naughty bunnies know all the best egg hiding spots - let's go exploring!"

63."Who said being naughty has to be a bad thing? Come along for a wild ride with me and find out for yourself!"

64."If you think being good is boring, then I'm here to show you how much more fun it can be on the other side of things!"

65. "Let's make some mischief together - it doesn't have to end when Easter ends!"

66."When I say naughty, do you jump into action or run away scared?"

67. "I'm always looking for eggs...and maybe something else too if I'm lucky enough to find it"

68. "Ready for an adventure this Easter? Then come with me, your trusty Naughty Bunny"

69. “The Naughty Bunny is here and ready to cause some chaos – follow me and let’s have some naughty fun!”

70. “I'm here to bring naughty fun and a whole lot of laughter this Easter!"

71. "Easter isn't just about eggs - it's also time for naughty fun!"

72. "Let me show you how naughty can be when the naughty bunny is around!"

73."My naughty antics will have you rolling on the floor with laughter!"

74."Follow the naughty bunny around town and witness some mischievousness in action!"

75."Are you ready for an adventure full of naughty surprises?"

76.”It's time to get wild – let’s make some mischief together!”

77. "Ready to explore all of my naughtiness? Let's go see what I can find!"

78."We need more than eggs this Easter; come join me in some naughty fun instead"

79. “Why not take your Easter celebrations up a notch by getting a little bit naughty?"

80. “Come with me if you want something new, something exciting - something NAUGHTY!”

81. “The naughty bunny is here to cause some chaos - are you ready?”

82. "Let's make this Easter one to remember with naughty fun!"

83. "Naughty bunnies know all the best hiding spots for eggs, and other mischievous things too!"

84."One way or another, I'm going to bring naughty surprises your way this Easter"

85. “Why not have a little naughty fun while on your egg hunt this Easter?”

86. “When the naughty bunny appears, it's time to get wild!”

87. "Easter isn't just about being good - let me show you something different!"

88."Follow my adventures around town and enjoy some naughty mischief along the way"

89."Being bad can be even more exciting than being good; why don't you join me in finding out?"

90."Ready for some naughty shenanigans? Then follow me down the rabbit hole of naughty amusement!”

91. “The naughty bunny is full of surprises, naughty ones too!”

92. "My naughty antics will keep you entertained all Easter long!"

93. “I'm here to bring about a naughty twist - are you game?”

94. “Come along with me on an adventure where naughty fun awaits!”

95. "Let's make some mischief together and have the best Easter ever!"

96."This Easter will be even more exciting when we add a touch of naughtiness!"

97."Naughty bunnies know how to enjoy themselves - let's join in on the fun this season!"

98. "It's time to show your wild side and do something naughty this Easter"

99."Experience something new and get a little bit naughty with me this season!"

100."Let my mischievousness lead us through an unforgettable experience this Easter!"

101. "Are you naughty enough to join me in some mischievous Easter fun?"

102. "Step out of your comfort zone and let me show you the naughty side of Easter!"

103. “Let’s make a little trouble this Easter!”

104. “Nothing says Easter like naughty bunny antics…are you ready?”

105. “Be naughty or be nice - I choose naughty every time!”

106."It's time for some mischief, so follow me and enjoy the ride!"

107."We can still have fun even if we're a bit naughty this season"

108."Come join me on my adventures around town and find out what it means to be naughty!"

109."I'm here to prove that sometimes being bad is oh-so-good"

110."Experience something different this year; come with me as I explore my naughtiness!"

111. "Let me show you what naughty fun awaits this Easter!"

112.”Are you ready to hop on the naughty bunny express? Hold tight, it's going to be a wild ride!”

113. “A naughty twist will add something extra to your Easter experience - join me and let's find out!”

114. "Eggs aren't the only way to have fun this Easter; naughty bunnies know how to party too!"

115. "Time for some mischief and naughty surprises; grab your basket and let's get started!"

116."Feel free to follow my mischievous ways if you want an unforgettable experience this Easter"

117."Naughty doesn't always mean bad, sometimes it just means having more fun than usual!"

118."Sometimes being naughty can lead us down unexpected paths of delight"

119."This season is all about being different - come with me as I explore a new kind of naughtiness!"

120."Beware, my naughtiness knows no bounds when I'm around during Easter time"

121. “Let's make this Easter a naughty one!”

122. "I'm here to switch things up and show you naughty fun!"

123. “What would Easter be without some naughty antics? Join me as I find out!”

124."Easter isn't just about being good - let's see what naughty surprises we can find!"

125."It's time for something unexpected; follow my mischievous ways for an unforgettable experience"

126.'Don't worry, I promise that the naughty stuff will always be worth it!'

127."The naughty bunny is full of surprises - join me in discovering them all this season"

128.'With me around, Easter wouldn't be complete without some naughty moments'

129. “Who said bunnies can only be nice? Come explore the naughtiness with me this Easter!”

130. 'Ready to add a little mischief to your life? Then hop along with me on my journey!'

131. “Come join my naughty Easter shenanigans - it's sure to be an experience you won't forget!”

132. “Sometimes naughty is the way to go - let's find out this Easter!"

133. "Let me show you how naughty fun can make your Easter even more special!"

134."What kind of naughty possibilities await us this season? Let's find out together!"

135."Naughty bunnies know how to have a good time - come join me in some mischievous antics"

136."I'm here to bring unbridled excitement and naughty surprise your way this Easter"

137.'My naughty ways will take us on an unforgettable journey this season'

138. "Ready for something new? Follow my lead and explore a different kind of naughtiness with me"

139. "Experience something unexpected when you follow in my mischievous footsteps"

140."It's time to get wild and try something new; follow me if you want a naughty, amazing adventure!"

141.'Who said that being naughty isn't allowed during the holidays? I'm here to prove them wrong!'

142."Follow along as I show off all the naughty possibilities this Easter!"

143. "Let the naughty bunny take you on an adventure - it's sure to be unforgettable!"

143. “Easter is all about naughty fun - join me as I explore the possibilities!"

144. "Let's make this Easter one to remember with some naughty surprises"

145."It's time to add a naughty twist to your celebrations - follow me and find out what awaits us!"

146."Discover what naughty excitement lies ahead when you hop along with me on my journey"

147."Sometimes being naughty can lead us down paths of amazing discovery - let’s find out together!"

148. “There are so many ways to have naughty fun this season; come join my adventures!”

149.'Experience something new and unexpected when you join me in my mischievous escapades'

150."I'm here for an exciting ride full of naughty surprises - climb on board if you're game!"

151. "It's time for a different kind of Easter celebration; bring some naughtiness into the mix!"

152.'"Naughty bunnies know how to throw an unforgettable party – grab your basket and let’s go!'

153. 'This season, discover how much more special it can be with a little bit of naughty mischief!'

154. "The Easter Bunny is naughty, but you know I have a sweet tooth!"

155. “Easter has come and gone – time to get naughty!”

156. “Happy Hoppin' Day…now it's time to be naughty!”

157. “I'm the naughty Easter bunny but don't worry, I only bite when asked nicely!”

158. “It's not every day that the naughty Easter bunny comes around; enjoy it while you can!”

159. “Things are about to get wild with me in town – better watch out for this naughty Easter Bunny!”

160. "The Naughty Bunny says: 'Hoppity-hop your way into trouble!'"

161."Beware of the Naughty Bunny... because I am here to cause some mischief!"

162."What do you call a mischievous rabbit? A naught-y hopster!"

163."Naughty bunnies love hidden eggs - just beware where they may be hiding!"

164."If you think being bad is fun then let this naughty bunny show you how it's done!"

165. "The naughty Easter bunny is out and about - better watch where you hop!"

166. "Hey naughty Easter bunny, come out and play!"

167. "Get naughty this Easter with the naughty Easter Bunny!"

168. "What do you call a naughty rabbit's relatives? Naught-ties!"

169. "I'm naughty, naughty, naughty - the Easter Bunny!"

170. "Don't be surprised if you find trouble with this naughty Easter bunny!"

171. "The Naughty Bunny is here to create some mischief - Let's see what he can do!"

172. "The naughty Easter bunny is always up to something!"

173. "Be naughty this Easter and let the naughty bunny lead the way!"

174. "Hide your eggs where no one can find them, and then you'll get to enjoy all the goodness!"

175. "It's always a good idea to stock up on candy before Easter - you never know when you might need it!"

176. "If I could, I would wish for an infinite supply of chocolate eggs this Easter."

177. "If you want to have an unforgettable holiday season, be sure to save room for some Easter goodies."

178. "Let's make a pact - we'll go on an egg hunt together and whoever finds the most candy wins!"

179."The only thing better than snuggling up in front of the fireplace is eating lots of chocolate eggs!"

180. "This Easter, don't bother with baskets and bags; just grab whatever you can with your hands!"

181. "Easter is like a day off from being responsible – time to indulge in sweet treats and have fun!"

182. "I'm not trying to be naughty this Easter, but I'm definitely not being nice either."

183. "Easter time is here again! Bring out the chocolate bunnies and let the fun begin!"

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