53 BEST Valentines Bag Decoration Ideas (Selected)

Olivia M Williams Jan 21, 2023
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Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to show your love and appreciation for your special someone.

But it can be hard to find the right way to express yourself.

One of the best ways to do this is through valentine's bag decorations!

Whether you are looking for a romantic, fun, or creative way to decorate a valentine's bag, there are plenty of great ideas out there that will suit every style.

From simple yet elegant designs featuring traditional Valentine’s colors like pink and red, to unique and creative takes on classic valentine's symbols like hearts and cupids, these valentine's bag decoration ideas have something for everyone.

So get ready for some serious inspiration as I explore 53 of the best valentine's bag decoration ideas around!

1. Heartfelt Love:

Decorate your Valentine’s Day bag with a heartfelt message for the one you love.

Use colorful markers to write out your words of affection on the outside of the bag, and fill it up with thoughtful gifts that will make them feel truly special!

2. Crafting Cupids:

Get creative by creating cupid figures out of construction paper or felt fabric. for an extra-special touch!

3. Sweet Spirits:

Add some whimsy to your Valentine’s Day decorations by adding ghostly spirits floating around in the night sky — draw stars, moons, and clouds onto black cardstock with silver glitter pens for an eye-catching effect!

4. Flower Power:

For a flowery finish, decorate your bags with silk flowers or foam stickers in pretty pastel colors for a romantic look that is sure to be appreciated!

5. Glitter Glitz Galore:

Go all out when it comes to glitz and glamour this season — sprinkle lots of shimmering glitter over everything from candy boxes to envelopes and even plain white gift bags too!

Just don't forget those sparkles when it comes to decorating your valentine’s day bag!

6. Felt Love:

Place a piece of red felt fabric or paper in the center of your Valentine’s Day bag and then draw your sweetheart's name with glitter glue for an extra-special touch!

7. Cuddly Critters:

Who doesn't love cuddly animals? Let your Valentine's Day gift bags reflect this sentiment by adorning them with stick-on animal faces, or paper cutouts of their favorite furry friend!

8. Sticky Hearts:

Create the perfect Valentine's Day gift bag by sticking colorful hearts all over ituse stickers, paint, markers or whatever else you have lying around!

9. Pretty Patterns:

Get creative with patterns and designs this Valentine’s Day — draw simple, geometric shapes on white cardstock using vibrant colors that will really pop against the plain color of the gift bag!

10. Button Blast:

Use brightly colored buttons to decorate your valentine's bags – make sure they match up to create different shapes such as hearts or stars too!

11. Ribbon Rush:

Add some texture to your valentine's day bags by wrapping them in beautiful ribbons— choose a variety of patterns and hues so each one is unique!

12. Bubble Loves:

Blow bubbles across the surface of your valentine’s Day bag before it dries completely – these tiny foamy circles will look like little.

13. Glittery Hearts:

Cover your valentine’s Day bag with all sorts of glittery hearts – metallic stickers work great, as do glued-on sequins and pom-poms!

14. Scratch Art:

Draw an outline on the surface of the bag using a black permanent marker and then cover it up with scratch paper for a creative effect!

15. Punch Art:

Cut out heart shapes from colorful cardstock and then use them to decorate your valentine's bags – punch holes in each one to make stringing easier too!

16. Lacy Loveliness:

Give your Valentine’s Day bags an old-fashioned touch by adding lace trimming around their edges— choose pale pink or white for a softer look, or bright red for something more daring!

17. Dazzling Dots:

Have some fun this Valentine’s Day by covering your gift bags with tiny dots and stars— simply draw small circles onto cardboard pieces or stickers before gluing them onto the bag!

18. Paint & Prints:

Pick up some acrylic paints in shades such as pink, yellow, purple & blue — these will be perfect when it comes to painting valentine's Day gift bags! Add a few prints or patterns too, if you wish.

19. Bows & Bling:

For a real showstopper, decorate your Valentine's Day gift bags with lots of bows and bling — add sparkly gems, large ribbon bows and glitter glue.

20. Sticker Shock:

Put a unique spin on Valentine's Day decorations by using unusual stickers – glittery letters and star-shaped designs look great when stuck onto gift bags!

21. Metallic Magic:

Cover the entire valentine’s Day bag with shiny metallic paper for an extra special effect — gold and silver work best, but you can also use copper or bronze too!

22. Sweet Treats:

Decorate your valentine's day bags with candy wrappers, sugar hearts and other sweet treats that will make your beloved smile from ear to ear!

23. Hearts & Hues:

Create a colorful masterpiece by drawing large vibrant hearts in different hues all over the Valentine's Day bag— add some lace or ribbon to give it an elegant touch as well!

24. Felt Flowers:

Cut out flower shapes from felt fabric before gluing them onto the bag — they're perfect for Valentine's Day as they come in bright girly colors such as pink, red & purple!

25. Ribbon Placement:

Place pretty ribbons around the edges of your valentine’s Day bag before adding doilies or tissue paper.

26. Doilies & Doodles:

Place a few doilies onto the valentine's day bag and then draw or glue on some shapes such as hearts or stars for an extra special touch!

27. Fuzzy Friends:

Attach some small stuffed animals to the valentine’s Day bag — they'll look so cute and cuddly that your beloved won't be able to resist them!

28. Hanging Hearts:

Hang several heart-shaped paper decorations around the Valentine's Day gift bag — choose colors like red, pink and purple for a festive effect.

29. Vinyl Lettering:

Cut out letters from vinyl sheeting to create words like ‘love’, ‘hugs’ or even a name – use these on any Valentine's Day bags you make this year!

30. Foam Frenzy:

Cover your valentine’s Day bags with colorful foam shapes in various sizes — add googly eyes when complete if you wish too!

31. Glitter Greetings:

Write a special valentine's message on the bag using glitter glue for a unique effect that'll be sure to make your beloved smile!

32. Custom Stamping:

Buy stamps with valentine’s Day designs or messages and use them to decorate Valentine's Day bags - you could even make your own custom stamp if you're feeling crafty!

33. Button Blast:

Attach colorful buttons all over the valentine's day gift bag – this will look great and is also one of the easiest ways to decorate any type of bag quickly!

34. Puffy Paintings:

Create an eye-catching masterpiece by covering the valentine's day gift bag in 3D puffy paint – choose colors like pink, red & white for maximum effect!

35. Felt Fun:

Cut out various shapes such as hearts, stars, circles and more from felt sheets before gluing them onto the Valentine's Day gift bag – mix up different sizes and hues for added fun!

36. Beaded Bouquets:

Glue colorful beads onto valentine’s Day bags in various shapes & sizes to make a beaded bouquet design – this will look fabulous!

37. Fabric Flowers:

Cut out several paper-pieced fabric flowers and then glue them on the Valentine's Day bag – these will last longer than real flowers and also look really special!

38. Felt Flowers:

Create intricate felt flower designs by cutting them out with scissors before gluing them together — use different colors for added effect!

39. Tissue Paper Art:

Cover Valentine's Day gift bags with tissue paper in pink, purple and red shades before adding glitter or sequins to give it some sparkle!

40. Embroidery Hoop Fun:

Place valentine’s Day messages into small embroidery hoops before attaching them onto the bag – if you don't know how to hand embroider, you can always buy pre-made ones instead!

41. Painted Wordings:

Add personalized messages such as 'Happy Valentine's Day' or 'I Love You' onto the Valentine's Day gift bag using Valentine's personalized card.

42. Paint Splatter:

Create a unique Valentine's Day gift bag by splattering red, pink and white paint all over it – this is a fun way to get creative with your decorations!

43. Glitter Glamour:

Cover the valentine’s Day bag in glitter glue or sequins for added sparkle and glamour – you can also add some ribbon around the edges too!

44. Faux Feathers:

Decorate Valentine's Day bags with faux feathers in different lengths & colors — they'll look gorgeous when finished!

45. Fabric Appliqué:

Cut out fabric shapes such as hearts, stars or circles before gluing them onto the valentine's day bag – choose fabrics of contrasting shades for maximum effect!

46. Letter Blocking:

Use letter blocks to spell words like ‘love’ or ‘kisses’ on Valentine's Day bags — make sure to use bright colors for an extra special touch!

47. Jeweled Designs:

Embellish your valentine's day gifts by attaching gems, beads or jewels directly onto the fabric of the bag – this will look beautiful!

48. Stamping Station:

Cover Valentine's Day bags with a variety of stamps to create a fun, custom-designed look.

49. Foil Fun:

Apply gold or silver foil onto valentine's gift bags for a glamorous effect that's sure to make them stand out!

50. Ribbon Roses:

Wrap ribbons around the valentine’s Day bag in the shape of roses and then attach buttons, gems or beads on top for added decoration!

51. Fabric Paintings:

Create beautiful fabric paintings by using acrylic paints onto Valentine's Day gift bags – add intricate details like hearts and stars to give it an extra special touch!

52. Shimmering Bags:

Make your valentine’s Day gifts unique by adding shimmery ribbon, glitter glue or sequins to the bag itself – this will make it shine bright even in dark rooms!

53. Paper Artworks:

Cut out paper shapes such as circles, squares & hearts before attaching them onto the valentine's day bag – use colorful papers too if you wish!

Valentine's Day is a great time to get creative with your decorations and show someone you care.

With the valentine's bag decoration ideas we’ve provided, you can make sure that your valentine's day gift stands out from the crowd!

From beaded bouquets to fabric paintings, there are so many ways to add some extra sparkle and glamour to your valentine's presents this year.

So go ahead and get crafting – happy Valentine’s Day!

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