57 BEST Valentines Basket Ideas (Selected)

Olivia M Williams Jan 24, 2023
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Valentine's Day is just around the corner and it's time to start thinking about what special gifts you can give to your loved one.

While there are many options available, valentine's baskets are a unique and thoughtful way to show your appreciation for someone special in your life.

Specially for you I have compiled here a list of 57 valentine's basket ideas that will help you get creative with expressing yourself this Valentine’s Day:

1. A Sweet Treat Basket

Put together an assortment of chocolates, candies, cookies and other sweet treats that your significant other loves!

Be sure to include some heart shaped candy boxes too!

2. Spa Night Basket

Help the person you love relax during Valentines with a spa night basket filled with essential oils, scented candles, bubble bath bombs or salts and luxurious face masks for ultimate pampering experience.

3. Movie Lover’s Basket

For those who love watching movies anytime they can get their hands on them - fill up a valentine’s basket with their favorite snacks such as popcorn and candy along with DVDs or streaming service gift cards so they can watch whatever movie they like!

4. Wine & Cheese Basket

A valentine’s basket filled with a bottle of their favorite red or white wine, along with some delicious cheese and crackers is sure to be appreciated by your valentine.

5. Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket

For the coffee lover in your life, put together an assortment of gourmet coffees and teas, complete with mugs and assorted treats like biscotti or scones.

6. Breakfast In Bed Basket

Give the gift of breakfast in bed this Valentine's Day!

This valentine's basket could include things such as homemade muffins, jams, croissants, tea etc for a special surprise on valentine's morning!

7. Candlelight Dinner Basket

For a special valentine's dinner at home, give your valentine a candlelight dinner basket which includes all the ingredients needed for an intimate and romantic meal!

8. Flower Power Basket

Fill up a valentine's day basket with flowers as well as other fragrant items such as perfumes or lotions to make it even more special.

9. Fruit & Nut Basket

This valentine’s gift idea is sure to please any health conscious valentine!

Include assorted fruits along with nuts, raisins and chocolates for a delicious yet healthy treat.

10. Artsy Gift Basket

Perfect for the art enthusiast in your life - fill up this valentine's day basket with fun artsy supplies like paints, crayons, sketch pads and more!

The options are endless here so get creative and make something unique!

11. Personalized Photo Albums

Gather some of your favorite photos together into one valentine's themed album that you could both share on Valentine's Day itself or throughout the year whenever there is an occasion worth celebrating together!

12. Baked Goods Gift Basket

Surprise your valentine by making their favorite cookies, cupcakes or brownies and packing them together in a valentine's basket!

Add some colorful ribbons to dress up the gift even more.

13. Beauty Supply Gift Basket

Put together an assortment of beauty and grooming products such as lip glosses, nail polish, shaving cream etc. that are sure to make any valentine look good!

14. Snack Attack Basket

Give your valentine something savory with this snack attack basket filled with chips, salsa, pretzels and other snacks for some serious munching pleasure!

15. Hot Chocolate & Marshmallow Set

Perfect for those cold winter nights - give your valentine this hot chocolate set complete with marshmallows, candy canes and all other ingredients needed for the ultimate cocoa experience at home.

16. Coffee Lover’s Gift Set

Whether they like espresso or cappuccino- put together a selection of coffee related items such as grinders, mugs and flavored syrup packets into one special Valentine's Day package!

17. Gardener’s Delight

For those who love gardening - put together a valentine's basket filled with garden supplies such as gloves, tools, potting soil and seeds to help nurture their green thumb.

18. Game Night Gift Basket

Get your valentine’s favorite board game or card game along with some snacks and drinks for the perfect Valentine's Day game night!

19. Books & Chocolates

A classic valentine's gift combination - fill up a valentine’s basket with your valentine’s favorite books along with some chocolates for an enjoyable evening together!

20. Spa Day Basket

For those seeking relaxation and pampering - make up a special valentine's spa day package with a full set of spa products such as bath oils, candles and face masks.

21. Movie Night Basket

Put together a valentine's movie night basket complete with popcorn, snacks and drinks so that your valentine can enjoy the perfect valentine's night in!

22. Fitness Gift Set

Give your valentine the ultimate fitness gift set filled with items such as protein powder, jump ropes and other gym accessories for their next workout session.

23. Wine & Cheese Gift Set

Encourage a romantic evening indoors by gifting your valentine this wine & cheese gift set which includes an assortment of cheeses, crackers and wines!

24. Coffee Date Kit

Get all the essentials for setting up a coffee date at home - include some freshly brewed coffee along with mugs, sugar packets or creamers to make it even more special!

25. Chocolate Lover’s Dream Basket

Perfect for those who have a sweet tooth - fill up this Valentine's Day basket with chocolates of different varieties as well as other treats like cookies or brownies!

26. Art Supplies Gift Basket

Perfect for the art enthusiast in your life - fill up this valentine's day basket with fun artsy supplies like paints, crayons, sketch pads and more!

The options and make something unique!

27. DIY Valentine’s Decoration Kit

Gather some valentine's decorating materials such as ribbons, construction paper hearts or even a sparkly star garland to help deck out any room into valentine's mode!

28. Yoga Lover Gift Set

Give your valentine the perfect gift of relaxation by putting together a yoga lovers kit containing items such as yoga mats, blocks and straps and other essential accessories.

29. Candlelight Dinner Basket

Recreate the ambiance of a romantic candlelit dinner at home with this Valentine's Day basket filled with candles, wine glasses, napkins and other utensils that you need to set up the perfect evening!

30. Sweetheart Bouquet

Instead of gifting flowers this Valentine's Day - why not put together an edible bouquet using chocolates or candies arranged in bouquet form?

The options and make something unique!

31. Gourmet Food Set

Assemble a Valentine's Day basket full of gourmet food items such as nuts, jams and sauces for your valentine to enjoy!

32. Baking Supplies Gift Set

Perfect for those who love baking - put together a valentine's gift set filled with measuring spoons, cookie cutters and other essential kitchen utensils needed to whip up something sweet!

33. Succulent Plant Gift Set

Give the gift of nature this Valentine's Day by putting together a succulent plant set complete with potting soil and various colorful succulents to create the perfect table display or centerpiece.

34. Tea & Honey Gift Box

For tea lovers out there - put together this special valentine's tea box filled with different varieties of teas along with some honey sticks or local honey jars!

35. DIY Pizza Kit

Let your valentine make their own pizzas at home using this do-it-yourself pizza kit that includes all the necessary ingredients like dough, sauce, cheese and toppings in one convenient package!

36. Cocktail Night Gift Set

Get your valentine ready for a cocktail night at home with this Valentine's Day gift set complete with shakers, glasses and fun cocktail recipes!

37. Comic Book Lover’s Collector Set

Surprise the comic book fan in your life with this Valentine's Day collector set filled with popular comics, graphic novels or figurines of their favorite characters!

38. Hot Cocoa Gift Box

Put together a valentine's hot cocoa box filled to the brim with different flavors of cocoa mix along marshmallows and other toppings they can choose from!

39. Game Night Basket

Include all the essentials for setting up an exciting game night - such as dice, playing cards or even board games - into one convenient valentine's basket package!

40. Snack Pack Gift Hamper

Perfect for snacking on-the-go - fill up this valentine's hamper full of nuts, crackers, pretzels and other snacks that are easy to take wherever you go!

41. Coffee Lovers Gift Basket

For the coffee addict in your life - put together this valentine's basket filled with different flavors of coffees and espressos along with other treats like chocolate covered espresso beans or biscotti!

42. Spa Night Gift Box

Help your valentine to relax and unwind by putting together a valentine's spa night gift box complete with luxurious bath bombs, face masks, body scrubs and more!

43. Specialty Tea & Syrup Set

Put together an afternoon tea set containing various herbal teas as well as flavored syrups for creating delicious homemade lattes or teas!

44. Cheese Board Love Pack

Perfect for cheese lovers out there- assemble a Valentine's Day cheese board love pack full of different varieties of cheeses along with crackers, nuts and jams that pair perfectly together!

45. Movie Marathon Package

Create the ultimate movie marathon experience at home by filling up this Valentine's Day package full of popcorn, candy and theater snacks that will make the evening extra special!

46. DIY Hot Sauce Kit

Bring up some heat into your valentine's day by gifting them this DIY hot sauce kit that includes all the ingredients needed to create a variety of homemade hot sauces!

47. Wine & Chocolate Pairing Set

Put together this Valentine's Day basket that consists of a selection of chocolates and local wines to perfectly pair with each other!

48. Bath & Body Gift Hamper

Get your valentine the perfect bath time treat by assembling this valentine's bath and body gift hamper including essential oils, lotions, bubble baths and more!

49. Grooming Kit

Help your valentine look their best with this grooming kit filled with all the necessary supplies such as shaving cream, combs and cologne for perfecting any look!

50. Artisanal Chocolates Box

For those who have a sweet tooth- assemble a box full of artisanal chocolates in different flavors from various chocolate makers around the world!

51. DIY French Macaron Kit

Give your valentine a fun baking project to do at home with this do-it yourself french macaron kit complete with all the ingredients needed for making these delicious treats!

52. Pizza Lover’s Gift Basket

Give the pizza lover in your life a Valentine's Day gift basket full of all their favorite toppings, plus some special sauces and seasonings!

53. Gourmet Snack Assortment

Put together an assortment of gourmet snacks such as artisanal cheeses, cured meats, olives and nuts into one convenient package!

54. Grilled Cheese Making Kit

Perfect for cheese-lovers - this Valentine's Day grilled cheese making kit contains everything needed to make an amazing grilled cheese sandwich at home!

55. Fruit & Veggie Basket

Assemble a valentine's fruit and veggie basket filled with organic produce from local farmers or groceries stores to give them access to fresh ingredients for cooking or snacking on-the-go!

56. Hot Sauce Subscription Box

Get your valentine on the hot sauce train by gifting them this subscription box that brings spicy flavors from around the world every month!

57. Sushi DIY Set

Let your valentine have fun creating their own sushi rolls at home with these do-it yourself kits including the sushi mats, bowls for sauces, chopsticks etc.

It could be an delicious oriental evening spent together at home!

No matter what valentine’s day gift basket you decide to make, your valentine will be sure to appreciate the thought and effort behind it!

With these valentine's ideas, you can easily put together something special that your valentine will love.

So go ahead – pick one or mix and match items from several baskets – and make this Valentine's Day the best one yet!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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