7 BEST Warm Winter Hopes (Short Romance)

Olivia M Williams Jan 01, 2023
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a pair in love during winter hugging each other and kissing

Warm winter hope.

A short romantic story for dark and lonely evenings...

Worn by daily tyranny, the train cars moaned piteously as they made their way through the night.

Fleeing from Boston to the far suburbs.

Robert was returning home with the other workaholics.

He was alone, by choice that would eventually turn out to be the wrong one.

The foreign contract he had devoted his all in didn't bring him the expected fortune, only a bitter taste of defeat.

The ruthless race of corporate rats had come to an end.

They fired him and quickly replaced him with new naive hopefuls, convinced that prestigious work would make them masters of the world.

Robert lost everything - even HER - Veronique. A name that kept echoing in his mind for over a year and a half since he saw her last.

Half a thousand days that had seemed so long but filled with nothingness nonetheless, because she wasn't there.

She was the only one worthy of love, worth it all - now he knew it too late.

The thought that Veronique might have stopped loving him haunted Robert every night - what made it worse was the fact he recognized himself as the killer.

An unmerciful murderer of their feelings whose passion and strength could withstand any difficulty life threw at them.

He was enraged at himself: "How could I have been so stupid!" he repeated endlessly to himself.

But this time, he had to try. This last time given to rekindle even just a faint spark of hope within his heart.

At last!- Robert muttered seeing the platform with its familiar destination's name written on it.

Right when the train came to a halt and everyone disappeared from sight in a cold January night outside as if bewitched by some kind of evil spell no one wanted to speak about any longer.

He felt his heart rising up into his throat as he headed towards the place where once they loved and were loved back in return.

But instead of loving embracing hugs there were darkness and silence around him, almost like tangible ghosts hauntingly present inside each empty room inside the abandoned house.

Robert stretched out his reddened freezing hand wanting to knock but stopping himself at once knowing nobody will open it for him anymore.

- It's all gone... He thought accepting his ultimate defeat feeling colder than ever before as few tears finally escaped from his eyes...Running through his cheeks... Like little snowflakes... Melting away leaving no trace but wet streaks on his face...

- What did I expect? What was I hoping for?

Everything is ruined and it's my fault... He kept murmuring barely audible words between clenched jaw not having enough strength or will left for crying anymore.

- There's nothing left for me here.. He started walking back towards the grey platform when suddenly something made him freeze on spot

- Was it...?

Could it be...?

No, impossible!-

Yet some kind of childhood magic unknowingly awoke inside him again inspiring hope within Robert's frozen soul after all those years spent on running away from disappointment such as this one bringing along both joy and pain simultaneously.

- Yes, yes! It WAS HER!

His heart beat faster than ever before staring at Veronique standing right there not far away from him.

Her delicate aroma already brought back memories hidden deep down in forgotten corners of their past... Gradually filling up each empty space between them again.

While looking into each other's eyes Robert could still see traces of sadness of things they couldn't undo combined with slight gleam of optimism emitting from Veronique's gaze... Making them both realize how much has changed since then yet how little time passed by since their last goodbye.

- Would our kisses reinitiate what we used to have?

Would our hands intertwine again in passionate embrace?

Or would we simply part ways after brief exchange leaving behind one more broken illusion adding up to countless list already existing? - That remained unanswered depending solely upon themselves now.

They slowly stepped towards each other - under stars twinkling above them in clear winter sky guiding their way through love's labyrinth filled with unpredictable turns.

... Leading either straight ahead or down into bottomless pits full of despair yet never giving up.

... Hoping for better luck next time around. Taking new paths together hand in hand until finally finding what they've been looking for so hastily throughout these years.

The question remained unanswered between them now: Would their kisses reinitiate what they used to have?

Would their hands intertwine again in passionate embrace?

Or would they simply part ways after brief exchange leaving behind one more broken illusion adding up to countless list already existing?

The January chill seemed to penetrate deep into their bones as the two stood silently facing each other without a word spoken between them... but with endless thoughts washing over both minds like waves coming from an unknown sea.

They just looked at each other through the darkness that surrounded them like an everlasting blanket waiting patiently for some sign or indication but always finding none.

... Although it felt like time had stopped passing by and everything else was forgotten somewhere else

... Still something kept drawing them closer together despite all odds standing against them.

... Weaving its invisible thread between hearts once united by strong feelings whose passion and strength could withstand any difficulty life threw at them.

Love eventually succeeded in leading Robert and Veronique out of this seemingly never-ending night back into safe harbour where hearts met again like long lost friends after being apart for too long.

As if speaking without words only emotions were exchanged between two souls understanding each other more than ever before while no doubt remained regarding their undeniable bond which will stay forever alive regardless whatever challenges might come up next.

This was the moment they both had been waiting for, dreaming about and searching for with so much determination - now here it was within reach of their hands, ready to be taken without hesitation!

Robert kissed Veronique's forehead tenderly gazing into her eyes one more time searching for an answer to all his questions yet finding none except pure unconditional understanding reflecting from her gaze unveiling truth about true feelings still beating inside each heart.

- I will never let go... He whispered barely audible words filling up empty spaces between them at last.. And this is where it all began again..

And so both lovers embraced each other as if this moment could last forever giving in completely to all its beauty and joy..

Robert and Veronique were finally home..

The rest is history.

And it felt like the most romantic story ever...

But NOW read the BELOW story written a bit differently to feel better these emotions... :

The pale moonlight shone down from above, illuminating the night sky with its shimmering beams.

A crisp winter breeze blew in from the North, cooling the air and sending gentle shivers cascading through the couple standing before each other.

Veronique and Robert had not seen each other since their last farewell, but yet it seemed that time had stood still between them.

Could what they once shared still remain?

Could the passion that once ignited the flames of their love possibly be rekindled?

Or was this just another empty hope doomed to dissolve into oblivion like so many others before?

The question remained unanswered as they slowly stepped closer together.

The stars glistened overhead, guiding them through a labyrinth of love filled with unpredictable turns.

Would they find what they were looking for or become lost in a never ending maze with no way out?

Still, they held onto hope and ventured onward side by side through unknown territory, hand in hand until finally reaching their destination.

As they stood facing one another beneath the icy winter night sky a million thoughts raced through their minds as if carried on silent wings within an invisible sea between them.

Neither spoke a word yet still something kept calling them closer to each other - an unseen force tugging at their hearts which refused to break apart even after all these months apart.

The January chill seemed to penetrate deep into their bones yet neither moved an inch away until finally something broke through the silence and Robert whispered softly "I will never let go".

And just like that it was as if time began again – like some magical spell had been cast upon them bringing life back into their veins and filling them both with an overwhelming sense of joy.

Veronique's eyes glimmered brightly with emotion as she looked up into Robert's gaze searching for answers yet only finding unconditional understanding reflecting back at her - unveiling truths about feelings that still beat inside both of their hearts.

With newfound courage Robert leaned forward and kissed Veronique's forehead tenderly, sealing his promise not to let go ever again despite whatever challenges may come in life.

They embraced passionately, giving themselves completely to one another in a moment that felt it would last forever - feeling a homecoming like no other before this one.

This was it - this is where everything started anew!

And so began for Robert and Veronique perhaps the most romantic story ever - one destined for eternity as its legacy would remain alive long after death took both lovers from this world...

The End. For good.