75 BEST Outdoor Party Ideas For Teens (EASY)

Olivia M Williams Mar 12, 2023
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Are you planning an outdoor party for
teenagers and don’t know what to do?

Don’t worry, here are 75 outdoor party ideas that will be sure to make your outdoor event a hit with teens of all ages!

1. Have a themed outdoor movie night:

Pick out a great film and let the teens watch it outdoors.

Add extra fun by having them dress up in costumes related to the movie or serve snacks that fit the theme.

2. Have an outdoor escape room challenge:

Create an outdoor escape room challenge where teams must complete tasks to solve puzzles in order to win prizes at the end.

3. Organize a scavenger hunt:

Scavenger hunts can be both exciting and educational, depending on how challenging you want it to be for the teens!

Just make sure there are plenty of clues hidden around so everyone has a chance at finding something special during their search!

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4. Play capture-the-flag:

Capture-the-flag is one of those classic outdoor games that never gets old—especially when played outside at night time using colorful flashlights as flags or items being captured!

5. Plan some water activities:

If your outdoor space features some sort of body of water (like a lake, pond or pool), why not take advantage of it with some outdoor water activities?

You can organize a swimming race, plan a fishing tournament or have an outdoor slip and slide contest.

6. Play outdoor trivia:

Ask your guests to come prepared with knowledge on different topics like history, science and geography for an outdoor trivia night!

Prizes can be given out to the winners at the end as well as consolation prizes for those who didn’t do so well.

7. Have an outdoor fashion show:

Let the teens dress up in their own creative outfits that fit the theme you set (like rockstar chic or tropical vacation) and then have them strut their stuff down a makeshift outdoor runway!

8. Organize outdoor team sports:

Sports like kickball, volleyball, basketball and soccer are always popular outdoor party activities!

Make sure to divide up the groups into teams beforehand so that everyone gets a fair chance at winning.

9. Plan outdoor art projects:

Get creative by organizing outdoor art projects like painting on large canvases or creating pottery from clay found in nature!

It’s also a great way for teens to express their creativity in an outdoor setting.

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10. Have an outdoor karaoke night:

Set up speakers for an outdoor karaoke sing-off challenge and have each participant take turns singing their favourite songs!

This is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by all ages—especially when you add some funny props into the mix (like glow sticks and beach balls).

11. Go stargazing with telescopes:

Stargazing at night is a fantastic way to get teens interested in science while also having fun outdoors together!

Bring out some telescopes and teach them how to identify different constellations or look out for shooting stars during peak meteor shower seasons

12. Play nighttime flashlight games:

Flashlight tag, capture-the-flag and hide & seek are just some of the games that can be enjoyed outdoors with teens in the dark.

Be sure to provide plenty of flashlights and glow sticks so everyone has an equal chances.

13. Have outdoor kite flying contests:

Set up a small outdoor area for teens to compete in kite flying competitions!

Encourage them to make their own kites or get creative with the design of their existing ones.

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14. Host an outdoor camping night:

If you have access to a large outdoor space, why not organize an outdoor camping night?

Teens can pitch tents and roast marshmallows over a bonfire while exchanging stories late into the night.

15. Go on outdoor nature walks:

Nature walks are perfect outdoor activities that allow teens to explore and appreciate the beauty of nature together—all while getting some exercise too!

Bring along binoculars so they can observe different animals and birds they come across during their journey.

16. Have an outdoor photo contest:

Give teenage guests fun challenges like taking selfies at unique locations or capturing beautiful sunsets during your outdoor event!

They’ll love showing off their skills behind the lens (and possibly even win prizes).

17. Play giant board games outdoors:

Some classic board games such as Jenga, Connect Four, Chess and Monopoly can be played outdoors if made larger-than-life using materials like foam blocks or cardboard boxes!

18. Have outdoor movie nights:

Set up a projector or large television screen in your outdoor space and watch classic films or the latest blockbusters!

This is a great way to relax after hours of running around and playing outdoor games.

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19. Do outdoor scavenger hunts:

Create teams of two or three and give each group a list of items they must collect within a certain amount of time—this can include things like leaves, rocks, sticks and flowers found outdoors.

20. Play outdoor charades:

Gather your guests into two teams and have them take turns acting out different words that correspond with their particular theme (like animals, TV shows, movies etc.)—they’ll be sure to laugh all night long!

21. Go on an outdoor treasure hunt:

Hide trinkets all over your event grounds for teens to find using clues you provide them with beforehand—the person who finds the most wins bragging rights for being the best detective!

22. Make s'mores over an outdoor fire pit/bonfire:

Who doesn't love making s'mores?

Not only are they delicious but also fun to make by roasting marshmallows over an open flame outside at night — it's sure to be a hit with the teens!

23. Hold outdoor outdoor painting sessions:

Set up easels and art supplies outdoors and let teens be creative!

They can create abstract creations or even paint landscapes together as a group.

24. Have an outdoor water balloon fight:

Fill up several water balloons beforehand then divide guests into two teams for a friendly game of war with lots of laughs guaranteed!

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25. Try outdoor gardening/planting:

Provide teenagers with the necessary tools to start their own garden—it’s a fantastic way to get them interested in nature, science and patience all at once!

26. Play capture-the-flag outdoors:

Capture-the-flag is classic outdoor activity that never gets old over time — it's fast paced, thrilling and encourages teamwork among participants.

27. Have an outdoor talent show:

Give each participant 5 minutes to perform something unique (like playing musical instruments or showing off dance moves) onstage in front of everyone else!

This is sure to keep your guests entertained throughout the night.

28. Do outdoor yoga sessions together:

Encourage teenage guests to relax their minds and bodies by participating in some simple yoga poses outside at sunrise/sunset—it’s one of the

29. Use outdoor instruments:

Provide outdoor musical instruments like drums, maracas and harmonicas for teens to get creative with music-making!

30. Take outdoor hikes:

Find a nearby hiking trail suitable for teenagers and let them explore nature in all its glory—it’s great exercise too!

31. Have an outdoor art gallery:

Ask each guest to bring their favorite artwork pieces or creations they’ve made themselves (or have teams collaborate on one together) that can be displayed during the event outdoors.

32. Do outdoor sports competitions:

Pick a sport such as basketball, soccer or even badminton then divide up participants into two teams —the team with the most points at the end wins bragging rights!

33. Play outdoor party games like Twister or Giant Jenga:

These are always fun no matter what age group you're catering to —they never fail to get guests laughing out loud!

34. Do outdoor crafts/DIY projects:

Give teenage guests craft supplies and allow them put their creativity and skills to test by making something unique from scratch— it will make for wonderful memories afterwards .

35. Go camping outdoors under the stars:

Camping is perfect way for teens to bond and appreciate nature — they can tell ghost stories, cook food over a campfire or just simply stargaze all night long!

36. Play outdoor board games:

Pick a classic outdoor game such as giant chess or checkers that requires strategy and team play— it’s sure to bring out the competitive spirit in your teenager guests!

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37. Have outdoor dances:

Put on some music and let everyone show off their best dance moves outdoors —guaranteed to be a blast!

38. Make outdoor mosaics with found objects:

Give each group of teens a mosaic frame, art supplies (such as paint colors, glitter) and small items they find outdoors (like leaves, flowers etc) then have them put together an interesting piece of artwork collectively !

39. Build outdoor forts/dens using natural materials:

Use sticks, blankets and whatever else you can find around the area to create an awesome fort outside - this is great way to get teenagers working together.

40. Play outdoor hide & seek Using flashlights:

This game gets even more exciting when played at night—hide & seek under the stars will surely make for some unforgettable memories!

41. Play outdoor sports such as Frisbee or volleyball:

These are two classic outdoor sports that teenagers will love playing as a group.

42. Have an outdoor movie night:

Set up a projector and screen outdoors for everyone to watch their favorite films together under the stars!

43. Start an outdoor scavenger hunt:

Give each team of teens a list of items they must find from around the area before time runs out –it’s sure to be fun-filled activity with lots of surprises along the way!

44. Go on outdoor nature walks:

Explore nearby trails, riversides or forests together in order to appreciate nature at its finest—it’s also great exercise too!

45. Create outdoor art installations:

Provide materials like wood, fabric and paint and allow teenage guests take turns creating an impressive artwork installation outside— it can even become the centerpiece of your event !

46. Have outdoor smores night:

Set up an outdoor fireplace and have guests make some classic, delicious smores together!

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47. Participate in outdoor yoga poses:

Encourage teenage guests to relax their minds and bodies by participating in some simple yoga poses outside at sunrise/sunset—it’s one of the most calming activities imaginable!

48. Play outdoor water games like Marco Polo or Water Balloon Fight:

Cool down during hot summer days with these fun outdoor water-based games that everyone is sure to love !

49. Have an outdoor picnic lunch or dinner:

Pack a few baskets full of food goodies beforehand then spread out blankets on grassy area for teens to enjoy a meal outdoors.

50. Make outdoor jewelry from found objects:

Give each group of teenagers beads, stones, feathers and other craft materials they can use decorate necklaces, bracelets or anklets - it will be treasured keepsake after the event's over !

51. Play outdoor tag:

A classic game of tag is another surefire way to get teenagers laughing and running around!

52. Have outdoor karaoke night:

Set up a karaoke station outdoors, provide some age-appropriate song choices and have everyone sing their hearts out!

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53. Jump on outdoor trampolines or moon bounces:

Let teens jump, flip and fly freely in the great outdoors on these fun pieces of equipment!

54. Make outdoor musical instruments:

Provide each group with materials such as wood, rubber bands & string then have them create simple percussion instruments they can play together in rhythm—it will be great fun listening to the music they make !

55. Play outdoor water balloon volleyball:

This fast-paced game combines two classic activities for a unique twist —water balloon volleyball ! Sure to cool down your party goers quickly !

56. Hula hoop outdoor competition:

Create a hula-hoop obstacle course and have teams compete against one another in this fun outdoor activity!

57. Have outdoor ‘Minute to Win It’ Challenges:

Split the teenagers into small groups and give each team a list of challenges they must complete within a specific time frame —it’s sure to be loads of exciting !

58. Make outdoor flower crowns or wreaths:

Provide teenagers with materials such as ribbon, wire, tape and flowers then allow them create their very own flower headpieces or door décor—this is great way for teens bond together !

59. Create outdoor shadow puppets:

Use sticks, paper cutouts & flashlights to make interesting shadows on walls curtains etc.

This could even become an ongoing performance throughout your party if everyone gets involved!

60. Play outdoor balloon tennis:

Inflate two balloons for each group then use racquets (or hands) for an enjoyable game of tennis outside – it’s also great exercise too!

61. Play outdoor paper airplane contest:

Provide each group with paper and markers, then have them design and build their own planes before competing to see which one can fly the farthest!

62. Plant outdoor garden together:

Get teens involved in getting their hands dirty by planting a small outdoor flower or vegetable garden together!

63. Have outdoor scavenger hunt:

Create teams, then give each team a list of items they must find within a certain amount of time—it’s sure to be lots of fun!

64. Go on outdoor nature hikes:

Explore nearby trails, riversides or forests together in order to appreciate nature at its finest—it’s also great exercise too !

65. Have an outdoor movie night:

Set up LED lights and projectors outdoors so that everyone can watch their favorite films under the stars .

66. Make outdoor sand sculptures:

Take teenage guests down to your nearest beach for some creative fun if you live near the ocean - it's something they're sure to remember forever!

67. Play outdoor video games like Just Dance or Mario Kart:

Connect several TVs outside with game consoles —teens will love playing these classic games against each other.

68. Hold outdoor competitive sports competitions like basketball or soccer:

Depending on the size of your outdoor area, you can set up a court and let teens compete against each other in classic outdoor sports!

69. Have outdoor bowling tournaments:

Set up a mini-bowling game using plastic bottles filled with sand as pins and tennis balls for balls —it’s sure to be loads of fun !

70. Make outdoor giant bubbles:

Provide each group with its own bubble solution and wands then have them experiment making large bubble shapes together—it will bring out their inner scientists!

71. Play outdoor Frisbee golf:

Create your own course complete with obstacles, markers & targets then invite kids to test their accuracy by throwing frisbees through the course.

They'll love it!

72. Do outdoor art projects together:

Provide teenagers with canvases, paints & brushes so that they can create unique pieces of art together – this is great way for them bond while expressing themselves creatively !

73. Have an outdoor karaoke night:

Set up a karaoke machine or download a mobile app, and then let teens sing along to their favorite tunes under the stars.

74. Play outdoor glow-in-the-dark tag:

Use LED lights and flashlights in order to play this classic game with a twist!

75. Go on an outdoor photo scavenger hunt:

Divide guests into small teams and provide each team with disposable cameras or smartphones so that they can document items on your list !

Create teams and provide teens with cameras then have them search for specific objects or scenes to photograph - it's sure to be loads of exciting gigs.

And: Make s'mores by the fire pit:

Allow teens to bond over an open campfire while roasting marshmallows for scrumptious s’mores – it's sure to be loads of fun !

Outdoor parties are a great way to get teens out of the house and interacting with each other in an enjoyable, safe environment.

From playing classic sports like basketball or soccer to creating art projects together, these outdoor party ideas for teens will make your next event unforgettable!

With so many different activities available, there’s something here that every teen can enjoy.

So don't wait any longer - start planning your amazing outdoor party today!

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